Headaches and Their Natural Remedies

Imagine starting your day early in the morning with some serious lack of sleep, your kids are screaming at the top of their lungs, you are navigating tumultuous traffic on every turn and corner and when you finally reach your office, you receive a sour note from your manager.


By this time, you feel like your head is about to fall off from the mind numbing and throbbing pain. These would be the typical reasons why most people experience headaches and migraines. Although it may sound common and simple that you can just take a couple of aspirin and a few hours of rest, there are different causes of headaches that you should know about.


One type of headache is called the tension headache. This is the one chronic type that most people experience. It has a nature of inducing dull pain while the site of the pain changes to different areas of the head. The head may feel as if it has a tightening sensation with a sense of tension, like wearing something heavy on top of the head. The person may experience nausea and vomiting. There are also tensions in the forehead and neck muscles.


To relieve this sort of pain, a massage would be a good idea, especially around the head and the neck area. Specifically, this kind of headache may either be caused by improper posture or positioning of the head, shoulder, neck, and ischemia which would result in somewhat continuous muscle contraction; may also be caused by excessive melancholy or anxiety with mental tension; or it can also possibly be a secondary symptom due to other pain within the body.


When it comes to migraines, it is a type of a throbbing headache that attacks recurrently. It is usually due to vasomotion dysfunction of extra-cranial and intra-cranial vessels. This condition may even be traced ahead of time by the family history of the patient. Most of the time, this is caused by women’s menstrual cycle; the intake of vasodilatation, hormonal or contraceptive drugs.

Environment-climate factors like drastic change of weather and sudden change of altitude; dietary habits  and lifestyle like sleeping in late or intake of improper food selection; other factors such as work strain and anxiety; and physical stimulus of the outside world such air pollution or radiation exposure.  As you can see, migraines can have many different causes.


Everyone knows that it only takes a phone call to a family physician or a visit to the emergency room to ask for a prescribed medication to cure the throbbing and pounding pain. It may be the easiest way that most people know but you might end up waiting to be served by the emergency room since there are more urgent cases that need to be attended to. The medications may also be quite costly. And, side effects of drugs can be gruesome! To save money and to avoid hospital crowds and the possible side effects of drugs, you should learn about the natural remedies that can soothe your headaches and migraines.


If you are experiencing headaches because of excessive tension, worries, food allergy or stress, you should apply an ice pack to your head, shoulders and neck. It would also help to drink water slowly since dehydration and heat may cause pain in the head. You can also soak or dampen a towel with ice cold water and place them on your eyes for 10 minutes. If you want a massage, you can use peppermint oil for 15 minutes since it can soothe the nerves and revitalize ones energy levels.


For an ancient effective remedy, you can try acupressure or acupuncture; just make sure they use sterile techniques. A decrease flow of blood in the brain may cause pain, so apply a heating pad on your neck muscles. As much as possible, take a break from work or studying and stay away from the computer or use anti-glare glasses. Relax, drink some tea, watch a short comedy film, and set up a lavender aromatherapy and get a sufficient amount of sleep so you can wake up feeling all rejuvenated.


Summary:  The article tells about, headache and its causes. Different types of headache are also mentioned in along with their reasons. In the end of the article, some useful tips are mentioned that can help in the prevention of headache.



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