Healthy, Glowing Hands

We all spend a good deal of time protecting the skin on our faces, but what about our hands? Our hands are subject to the elements even more than our face, because we use them for practically everything we do.

Compounding the damage to the skin on our hands is the fact that the skin there is thin and does not have many oil glands.

These tips will help you have beautiful, healthy hands!

Regular exfoliation is important for glowing, fresh skin. You might try a facial exfoliant, as it is more gentle than body scrub. Definitely hydrate the skin with emollient cream after every treatment – use one that fills between outer skin cells and replaces the oils.

Don’t forget about your hands at night, either. Bedtime is the best time to apply a dense, oil-based hand cream and then put on cotton gloves. Your hands will absorb the thick, long-lasting cream while you dream.

Cover up with gloves. It goes without saying that gloves protect your hands against drying winter cold, but they also shield your skin from sunlight, wind, and other exposure. Be sure to keep a pair handy for gardening or working outdoors. Inside the home, rubber gloves will save your skin from chemicals used for cleaning and washing.

Moisturize your hands every time you wash them. Washing your hands too often will dry the skin, particularly if you have antibacterial soap. For everyday use, try a light, fast-absorbing lotion, which strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier. If your daily routine involves housework or other heavy-duty hand tasks, apply a heavier, oil-based cream first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Your hands age, as your skin does. To prevent age spots, use sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher.

Your Hands Tell Your Age

Don’t look at someone’s face if you are wondering their age, peek at their hands. With so many advancements in cosmetic procedures in recent years, people can quite easily hide their age.

It is not so easy to treat the hands though, and they speak volumes about a person’s age.

As a person ages, his or her hands will begin to change. The skin sags a bit and becomes thinner. Wrinkles start to appear, and age spots surface. There has been a change in how hands are treated, thanks to the cosmetics industry.

Fillers can greatly improve hands’ appearance, because they make the skin more plump and tight. We then have smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.

The fillers renew shape, which better disguises large veins and tendons that tend to protrude later in life. Results of this procedure are immediate, last as long as the facial option, and it barely takes half an hour.

Thanks to new technologies, we can now even skin tones and erase the age spots caused by too many UV rays. Many popular facial treatments are able to be done on the hands now.

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