How Hormone Replacement Therapy improves the Quality of Life for Woman

Women encounter several symptoms that are directly associated with menopause. Some of them include hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, depression, skin changes, increased fatigue and irritability and more. Hormone replacement therapy is not just effective in eliminating most of such symptoms, but they guard women from several diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Here’s why hormone replacement therapy gets the nod from people worldwide.

1. Enhanced Quality of Life:

Hormone replacement therapy provides significant relief of menopause symptoms, thereby improving their overall quality of life. The comfort and freedom it offers are highly appreciable. Taking hormones after menopause imparts significant benefits to your mood and behavior, thus proving the point that this revolutionary treatment improves the quality of life for women.

2. Relief of Hot Flashes:

One of the major benefits of Hormone replacement therapy is that you will soon be relieved from the phenomenon of hot flashes. Hot flashes can occur day and night and is also the cause of ‘night sweats’. Night sweats can interrupt your sleep as you might need to take a shower or change your clothing.

3. Keeps Depression Away:

Estrogen is that element that helps deduce depression, which is usually experienced after menopause. Be informed however, that continued depression might require different treatments.

4. Combats Osteoporosis:

Hormone Replacement therapy successfully combats osteoporosis. Estrogen increases bone mass by hindering the function of osteoclasts. Usage of estrogen for the long term gradually prevents postmenopausal bone loss in women. This is made possible as estrogen helps bones to absorb and preserve calcium.

5. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases:

The risk of heart diseases is high in women relative to men, and low estrogen levels are found to be the contributing factor for the same. This is why hormone replacement therapy is useful for women. Women who take estrogen are benefitted by the reduction of risk of death by heart diseases by 50 percent.

6. Aging Process Slowed Down:

While hormone replacement therapy cannot prevent the natural process of aging, it has the capability to slow down the process. One major area where you can witness the same is your skin. After menopause, women would notice that their skin gets thinner and dryer.

These effects of aging shall be reversed with hormone replacement therapy. Your skin will appear softer and thicker in less than six months after undertaking the procedure.

7. Get Better Sleep

Research confirms that hormone replacement therapy has helped in improving the quality of sleep. This is primarily due to the reduction in night sweats and hot flashes that can occur during sleep.

Hormone replacement therapy is being embraced by women all over as it helps them experience life to the fullest. With the reduction in menopausal symptoms, life couldn’t be any better and happier for them.

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