How Come Choosing Cleverly Means Buying The Best Self Tanner

Before best self tanner could be selected, the only way to get a tan or even a bit of a glow, was to lay out in the sun for a long time or pay a visit to the local tanning salon. This was until studies began to show how damaging and dangerous the sun is for skin, which left people looking for another way to get the look of tanned skin. This resulted in the birth of sunless tanning products, however, many people were not impressed with the results.

The first few generations of these products often gave the skin a very obvious orange color, uneven coloring and hands dyed darker from the product. Even still, the products were safer and more convenient that laying outside or trekking to the tanning salon, so many people continued using them despite their downfalls. As time progressed, companies improved their formulas and the products became much better.

They are found in many forms, including creams, towelettes, mousse, and gels. The type that is best depends largely on skin type, color, and mere preference. With the arrival of these products, people were not longer required to wait for summer to arrive to gain some color-and even better, damage to skin is minimized.[I:]

As an added something, many of them have sunscreen built into them, however, it is still recommended that additional SPF be added as there is not enough present in tanner for full protection. Such items are usually quick and painless to use as well as affordable for most brands. Another bonus is the rather short time to develop color-most work within a few hours if not instantly, making it possible to have a tan much faster than laying in the sun.

To ensure your tanning product works effectively and gives even color, it is very important that you thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin to create the best surface for the tanning product. Skin which is dirty or has dry patches from not exfoliating will result in streaky and uneven color. It is best to exfoliate the skin about 4 hours prior to applying tanning product, which is why many clean and exfoliate in the morning then apply the tanning product in the evening.

Some users worry about the ingredients and chemicals found in many self tanners. However, the U. S. Government has studied the contents and has deemed them safe and harmless for repeat use. Truth be told, nothing is worse for the skin than harmful sun exposure, which is why the use of self tanning products is a much safer and worry free prospect for many.

Selecting the proper color to match a skin tone is likely the trickiest part of shopping for a self tanner. Luckily, they come in a huge variety of colors and strengths, making it easy for shoppers to find one that suits them the best, even for those with super pale skin can find a natural looking self tanner. People should note, that many department store counters offer samples of different products, which is great for those worried about finding the right formula or color.

There is also best self tanner specifically made for the face and hands-areas that are often overlooked with other products. These products offer a much lighter and more natural look. Sunless tanners offer a huge level of convenience and are much safer than tanning under the sun or tanning bed.

You will be happy when you find the best self tanner on the market. A spray on tan would be something for you to look for.