How to Save Yourself from Dementia and Alzheimer’s

A lot of people think that Alzheimer and dementia are conditions that abruptly happen and there’s little to nothing that can be done to reverse it. Most people also think that the onset of these conditions only happen when they reach their old ages. The latter may be true but the signs and symptoms can actually happen in the early adult life of a person. Most people have been misinformed that there is no prevention of such conditions and the only way to cure it is by obtaining pharmaceutical medications.


The truth is that all you have to do to spare yourself from developing different types of dementia is exercising, eating right, staying socially and mentally active and making sure that you are not too stressed most of the time. If you lead a healthy lifestyle for yourself, you will be able to prevent symptoms of Alzheimer from happening or at least slow down the deterioration process.


To start with, it would only take you to live a healthy lifestyle to be spared from these diseases. Researchers have long been studying the right cure for Alzheimer but they have also found out that there are a lot of prevention strategies that are effective in saving a person from developing dementia and other diseases. Like what your doctors always say, prevention is better than cure. With a combination of healthy habits, you may prevent any form of illnesses, even as simple as memory loss. You do not even have to wait for a certain age to get started on these prevention strategies. The earlier you promote good health, the longer you will have a good state of overall health.


Keeping good health should be maintained daily.  Your health will depend on different kinds of factors. There are factors that you cannot control, such as your genes, and there are also factors that will depend on the lifestyle that you live by everyday.  Although vitamins, minerals, multivitamins and other pharmaceutical remedies and concoctions can aid you in being healthy, there are cheaper and easier natural remedies that can promote a healthy lifestyle.


The best contributors to promoting a healthy life is by having regular exercises, maintaining a regular diet often, having frequent mental stimulation, maintaining quality sleep, having effective stress management and maintaining an active social life. If you strengthen each of these factors, the more robust and healthier you will be. Keeping this kind of lifestyle will not make you suffer even the shortest memory loss when you grow old.


When you maintain regular exercises, you reduce your stress, increase your energy, improve your memory and boost your mood. Your brain would need the same nutrition that your body would need to stay fit and strong. You have to avoid saturated and trans fats, eat vegetables and fruits, take 4 to 6 small meals in a day rather than eating 3 big meals, enjoy cups of tea and eat a heart-healthy meal often. It would also help if you lay off your vices such as drinking and smoking since these are the most effective way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It would also not hurt to learn something new every day, such as a new word that you can use for your daily vocabulary.


No matter what your age is, it is healthy to play some games and puzzles to stimulate your brain.  Partying, surfing the net and gaming can wait until the morning, having a good quality sleep can make your body have its well-deserved rest. If you feel stressed, practice to find inner peace and do things that would relax you. Prevention of isolating yourself and going out to meet new friends!


Social life is a priority so it is also healthy to check into Facebook, volunteer in charitable works, join a club or set a weekly date with your buddies! Who says keeping the brain healthy involves a boring lifestyle?


Summary: This article is about the issues of dementia, Alzheimer, memory loss and its natural remedies. Some main reasons of these issues are mentioned along with their preventions.




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