Importance of nutritious diet for your child

Try recalling your child’s diet? What is he/she eating these days? Burgers, chips, wafers, patties, pizzas, soft drinks, hot dog, confectionaries and such sort of items, isn’t? Don’t you think these are hazardous for the child’s health and are affecting the immune system? The contemporary lifestyle provokes the consumption of such items. Peer pressure, attractive advertisements and commercials are the main reasons for promoting such eating pattern. The kid feels lazy at times and thus they have affinity for easily available goods. The ultramodern food market is flooded with such product and therefore the kid feels the desire of having them. These items have excess of unsaturated fat and carbohydrates whereas they lack the essential vitamins and minerals. The unrestricted consumption of such products has lead to exponential increase in the obesity and heart disease cases. Therefore one must resist such food products and instead opt for healthy food and eating habits.

Usually a standard pack of chips, soft drinks, burgers or pizzas impart 560 kcal of carbohydrates which is excess for the body thus remains unconsumed leading to its storage in the body tissues by converting into fat. Therefore this makes the individual plump similarly these sorts of items have cholesterol and Trans fat. These two polymers have a tendency to accumulate in the body. The cholesterol molecule on one hand shows affinity for accumulating in the blood vessels, choking them which give rise to heart problems like elevated blood pressure or even heart strokes in extreme cases. Trans-fat on the other hand seeks the body tissue to deposit. This leads to the unnecessary deposition of fat consuming the protoplasm curbing the production and storage of other nutrients vitamins.

The body of developing children have an urgent need of nutritious food rich in constituents like Omega 3 and consumption of these items hampers their growth and mental ability. If this understanding is lacking then ultimately the child will opt for non-nutritious food merchandise. This calls for the responsibility of the parents and guardians to educate them regarding the body nutrient requirements and their quantities. Parents must encourage the consumption of proteins and nutrients rich food and reward accordingly. Educate them about the merits of consuming fruits and green vegetables, the role of proteinaceous diet in building up their bodies and growth, promoting a strong immunity system. Inculcate good habits in the child like maintain a regular routine of consuming milk, fruits and green vegetables. This will ultimately give the child healthier and tastier alternatives. The nature has empowered these items with an ability to produce essential probiotics and initiate the detoxification strategy. Therefore be a smart parent and restrict your child from consuming the wrong thing. weight loss supplements can be taken by adults if they are finding it difficult to lose weight.