Invisible Braces: Factors that Influence the Cost

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, people went through so much trouble with traditional braces when they wanted well-aligned, beautiful teeth. Flash forward to today, the invention of invisible braces such as ClearCorrect clear aligners has been a blessing for people today. They offer the same effects of traditional braces, but without the pains, discomfort and the visible weird appearance.

Invisible braces: What are they?

The design of invisible braces such as ClearCorrect clear aligners is quite distinct from its traditional counterparts. No more metallic brackets and wires that had to tied and attached to the teeth. The metallic design has been replaced with a hard plastic material that is moulded and designed in the shape of teeth. They are available for both upper and lower jaws as well.

Dentists will take a picture of your teeth during consultation and using 3D technology, invisible braces will be designed for you. It functions in the same way as traditional braces and produces straighter teeth in a matter of days or weeks. The cost of invisible braces is also competitive as well.

Factors Influencing the Invisible Braces Cost:

The cost of invisible braces can vary depending on various factors. Some of them are described as under:

1. Dental Insurance:

There are several dental insurance plans that offer varied dental coverage. Having a good dental plan plays a significant part in reducing the expenses associating with the invisible braces treatment. Choosing the right dental plan is crucial if you need to really save some bucks.

2. Location:

Location is another factor that determines the invisible braces cost. Different locations charge different prices and this depends on sub factors such as the cost of living in the area, the reputation and expertise of the dentist you’re visiting, and other minor factors.

3. Condition of Teeth:

The condition of your teeth is another factor that drives the cost. While the dental issues don’t have a direct impact on the cost of invisible braces, the price is said to tote up with the increase in the number of office visits.

4. Make the Right Choice:

Opt for high quality invisible braces such as ClearCorrect clear aligners for effective treatment. Not to forget visiting an experienced and proficient orthodontist who can offer the right solution for you.

Invisible braces are a painless way to obtain a perfect smile. Get confident and face the world with braces that are virtually invisible to the naked eye!

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