What You Ought to Know about Dental Phobia

Did you know high dental fear affects approximately one in six Australian adults and about one in ten children? The prevalence of high dental fear ranged from 7.8% to 18.8%, and more incapacitating dental phobia from 0.9% to 5.4%, depending upon the scale, cut-point and specific criteria used. Moreover, people with dental phobia look for several reasons to delay or avoid dental visit. Many recent reports have found that a number of fearful people regularly cancel or fail to show for appointments and visit the best dentist in North Sydney. So, here we’ve compiled a list of common reasons for dental phobia and the tips to ease them.

Reasons for Dental Phobia

A bad dental experience puts the base for dental phobia and the sense of loss of control in the dental environment is enough to avoid dental treatment forever. Another reason to dislike dental appointment is getting teeth scraped during a cleaning process. And for most patients, the major cause for dental phobia is the fear of anaesthetic injection. Feeling of the pain from the injection, being injured by the needle and fearing about the side effects of the anaesthesia makes their heart beat faster when you book an appointment with your dentist.

In some cases, the sound of dental drills cause double stress on patients since it is similar to the sound of the fingernails dragging on a flat surface. In another case, even before entering into the examination room, patients will be stressed by the unpleasant odour of dental materials used to sterilise dental equipment. Also, during the examination, people may have a bad feeling of gagging and vomiting when the dentist put the dental instrument inside the mouth.

Solutions for Dental Phobia

If you are among the one who haven’t visited a dentist for several years because of anxiety, here is a few tips to overcome the fear.

– Look for an understanding local & experienced North Sydney dentist who can help you in dealing with your anxiety and provide quality dental treatment in a calm and soothing environment.

– Once you chose a dentist to provide you a better oral health, take a tour around their dental office to make sure that the environment is comfortable and pleasant.

– Take your friend with you to your appointment and he/she will help you to get relax.

– If you had had a bad dental experience before, it doesn’t mean that such bad experience would happen again.

– Many dentists now use painless needles and special injection techniques that greatly reduce the pain of injection. So, confirm with your dentist that they only use painless needles.

Even though there are several techniques like meditation and other anxiety removers to overcome dental phobia, some people can tackle it by talking over their fears and concerns with their dentist.

The author is a leading dentist North Sydney and specialises in providing dental counselling and speech pathology. He writes more about the facts about dental hygiene and tips on preserving overall dental health.