Does Laser Treatment Really Work? – Benefits & Risks

Have you heard of people getting laser treatments to improve their looks? What are these laser treatments? How can they be used for beauty enhancement? What are the related factors like cost and risks? If you are looking for such treatment to enhance your looks then you need to know the answer to these questions. Here is a brief idea about laser treatment and related things.

Q-Switched NDYAG laser treatment is common for permanent Tattoo Removal and probably the most popular one. After the tattoo ink gets settled into the skins layers, it’s not easy to remove them. Strong laser beams split the ink into tiny pigment particles and particles are destroyed by the immune system in the body. Q-Switched NDYAG laser is best and highly useful for tattoo removal. The whole treatment may need 5-10 sessions depending on the size of the tattoo and the skin sensitivity. This procedure can be painful and also leave swelling or redness on the skin for a few days after every session. This treatment is quite expensive in terms of cost.

The laser is also used for Skin Tightening treatment. It can positively minimize fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin and gives the person a better and younger look. This process uses infrared light rays to tighten the skin by generating heat in the inner layers of the skin resulting in the skin shrinking. This is a very effective technique and its benefits can be noticed just after the treatment session. It is a safer technique and better than a plastic surgery face lift procedure. It is quite effective if the patient is looking for moderate results. It makes your skin smoother and softer than ever before. A session can take around 1 hour or more relying on the size of place that needs to be dealt with. Side effects are not severe. There can be redness or minor sensation in the skin or swelling for few hours.

Hair removal is also possible with the help of laser rays. It can remove all unwanted hair from your body. In this procedure, laser rays destroy the hair follicle and stop it from growing. It is quite effective and a fast way of removing hair from the body. But there are some risks like redness and warm sensation in treated area of skin. It is important to ensure that the treated area of skin does not get exposed to sunlight for a few weeks before and after the procedure as it may create complications after treatment.

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