Learn How An Altamonte Springs Prenatal Chiropractor Alleviates Pain

Pregnancy creates an ongoing dramatic state of physiological changes in the body of the pregnant woman. Most pregnant women will refuse any drugs that relieve pain and temporary conditions such as nausea. They do not want to do anything that might harm the unborn child. From heart burn to back pain, many women have found safe relief with regular chiropractic care in Altamonte Springs.

Women usually gain anywhere from twenty to fifty pounds during their pregnancies. As the fetus grows stretched ligaments can become painful and restrictive. There is a long list of pregnancy related pain that can be relieved with regular visits to the chiropractor.

As the weight of pregnancy forces changes in her posture, chiropractic spinal adjustments are often effective in providing pain relief. In addition to pain relief, regular care from a chiropractor during her pregnancy will result in optimal room for the fetus to grow and eventually get into the vertex position for a safe delivery.

All chiropractors have been trained to see pregnant women in their clinical practice. Chiropractors who choose to focus their practice on caring for pregnant women and women suffering from infertility may seek some higher chiropractic education. The designation of Webster certification is one designation of this higher education.

Larry Webster, DC, is responsible for developing the Webster technique. The objective is to achieve pelvic balance to improve the chances of the fetus being in the best position before delivery. The technique uses analysis and specific manipulations to relax the uterus and surrounding areas, reduce stress and achieve pelvic balance.

If a fetus is in the breech or posterior position at thirty seven weeks of pregnancy it is cause for concern. Chiropractors use the Webster technique to encourage the baby to move into the vertex position for a safer delivery. Having an obstetrician who supports chiropractic care makes for a cohesive prenatal care team. This is in the best interest of mother and child.

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