Learn if the Sleep Pro Helps Stop Snoring with this Review

Here is a detailed and education review of the Sleep Pro stop snoring mouthpiece. It will discuss the good, the bad and features of the product.

This product has a lot of benefits, but it is far from perfect. It has its fair share of negatives as well and may not be for everyone.

The SleepPro works by adjusting the lower jaw forward while you sleep. By safely moving your jaw forward at night it helps avoid the tongue from blocking the airway. This helps prevent snoring.

The Sleep Pro anti snore mouthpiece has been a company since 1998 and is one of the more proven sleep apnea and snoring mouth guards on the market. It not only is safe, effective, medically proven, but it also costs a fraction of a dentist made device.

This snoring device has a 98% satisfaction rating with users and is recommended by many health professionals around the globe. It is also a great alternative to the CPAP machine and surgery. It’s cheaper and doesn’t require a huge lifestyle change.

There are three different versions of the mouth guard. There is a standard, self fit adjustable and custom made versions.

The standard version has a “boil-and-bite” technology that allows you to fit it in about five minutes. This is the basic version, but holds most of the same benefits of the other two.

The adjustable version has seven different adjustable settings for added customization and fit.

The custom version requires you to take a mold of your mouth with their molding kit they send in the mail. You then send the mold back to them and they professionally make one of you.

Here are some of the benefits listed below.

1.) Convenient

2.) Comfortable

3.) Inexpensive

4.) Medically proven

5.) Stops snoring in most cases

6.) Helps treat minor and moderate sleep apnea symptoms

7.) Has a 98% customer satisfaction rate

Some of the negatives of the SleepPro are listed below.

1.) May not work for everyone

2.) May take time to get use to

3.) May not help sleep apnea in all cases

4.) May not be comfortable for everyone

In conclusion, the Sleep Pro is not for everyone and may not work for everyone. It has a lot of good benefits, but it does have its downfalls. For the price, it is a cost effective stop snoring treatment and may be worth the risk to try. This stop snoring mouthpiece may or may not be for you.

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