Some Lesser Known Facts about Physiotherapy

We all have at least one family member who has undergone physiotherapy treatment for healing an ailment. Some of us may have been involved in physiotherapy treatments ourselves. From sport injuries to chronic pain issues, Perth based physiotherapy centers offer relief to a number of problems.

Listed below are some interesting facts about physiotherapy that everyone must know

1) Physiotherapy and physical therapy are one and the same thing

A very common misconception in the health industry is that physical therapy is a part of physiotherapy. In reality, these two terms mean the same and they refer to the physical medication or rehabilitation used for the overall well-being of the individual. The term used differs from one country to another.

2) Physiotherapy can be used to treat psychological services too

It is a well-known fact that physiotherapy can relieve patients from a number of physical ailments like back pain, vertigo (infection in the vestibular system), chronic pain in any part of the body and obesity too. Did you know physiotherapy can be used to take care of psychological issues too? Renowned physiotherapy centers can handle patients with mental issues and also offer rehabilitation assistance wherever required. This is one of the unique benefits of physical therapy.

3) Patients do not necessarily need a physician’s prescription for availing physiotherapy treatment

When you have found the right physio, you can find the most suitable treatment for your problem after consultation with them. You do not have to necessarily approach a general physician before physiotherapy treatment. The trained professionals in the center perform a complete assessment of the patient and offer customized treatment plans to focus on problem areas.

4) Physiotherapy involves other practices apart from exercise too

Physiotherapy includes activities that are divided into two forms: active and passive form. The active form includes exercises like stretching and strengthening exercises. The active form of physiotherapy heals the affected body part and provides the required support. Passive physiotherapy form involves a number of techniques like massage, dry needling, and decompression traction and so on. Treatment plans involve both forms and are customized to suit the particular needs of a patient.

5) Not everyone can be considered suitable for physiotherapy

Physiotherapy comes with multiple benefits and can heal pain permanently. However, patients with fractures and tumors in certain body parts cannot be subjected to the treatment (physiotherapy may interfere with the healing process of the fractures or tumors). Similarly pregnant women may not be eligible for all forms of physiotherapy (for instance, decompression traction therapy can affect the lower abdominal region of the patient).

With the above knowledge about physiotherapy and its multiple benefits, one can easily find the right physiotherapist to find a permanent solution to the physical malfunctions of the body.

The author is an experienced physiotherapist in Perth. He has more than 10 years of experience on advanced techniques to alleviate pain and relieve people from tension with sports injuries. Read here to know more.