Liquid Minerals and their Value for Human Body

Just about 4% of the mass of the body contains minerals. Some of them are categorized as major mineral values, with the body needing more than 100 mg/day, while some are referred as trace minerals with the body needing less than 100 mg/day.


The minerals considered to be major consist of calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, sulphur, cobalt, and chlorine.  The trace minerals consist of iron, copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, fluorine, and chromium.


Minerals are not able to be formed in the body and must be gained through diet.  The daily mineral values needed by the body must be obtained from a well-balanced diet, but just as with vitamins, excess amounts of minerals can frequently have toxic effects.


Minerals play a role in immune functioning, healing, and overall regulation of cell metabolism.  Liquid minerals are easily absorbed by the body.  Mineral supplements in liquid form give the body an easy to absorb, quick supplemental formula that spurs on the efforts at wellness where health is concerned.


Supplemental liquid trace minerals can even be bought online and are commonly added to a drink.  The conviction is that liquid minerals and vitamins are better metabolized in the body and are easier to swallow for those having difficulty taking tablets.  Liquid trace minerals go one step further in an attempt to optimize metabolism.


These trace minerals in the liquid form are either negatively or positively charged to make them unstable, because in this form they will more easily bond to water and can move nutrition directly into the cell.  These charges also are believed to create a “dynamic equilibrium”, so the body can move the nutrients right to the place where they are needed the most.


Many healthcare professionals believe that since trace minerals are only required in low mineral values and are stored in the body when not being used – there is a risk of taking more than the suggested daily amount, which can be very toxic to the body.


It is also believed by many physicians that taking a liquid vitamin-mineral combo can provide much assistance to your health. It can help your immune system, meaning you may have less sick days and are less likely to cultivate any diseases.


Other potential benefits include: better combating stress by adding extra energy and helpful for your memory, heart, digestion, vision, and bones. So, if you don’t currently take a good vitamin-mineral supplement, a liquid supplement is something to consider.


There are many brand names of liquid mineral-vitamin supplements in the market.  You can speak with your pharmacist who would be happy to go over the pros and cons of all the major brands and offer you a brand that is least apt to cause problems with toxicity.

And – and this is important – before starting this liquid mineral-vitamin supplement it is recommended to discuss this with your physician, since a toxic amount of any mineral, in certain cases, can cause the very health problems you are trying to fix.




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