Live Young & Feel Young with Hormone Pellet Therapy

Natural hormone replacement therapy is a boon gifted by medical science and technology. Also called as bio identical hormone therapy, this special treatment is the latest approach in fighting the aging process. By doing so, men and women get the chance to lead a longer, healthier and happier lives. While hormone replacement therapy is a revolution by itself, researchers have found an easy way of getting this procedure done with hormone pellet therapy. Let us have a deeper understanding about hormone pellet therapy in Kansas City.

Hormone replacement therapy is intended for use in women to curb menopause related symptoms, and for treating testosterone deficiency (Andropause) in aging men. When a woman hits menopause, certain symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness & mood swings can occur, sometimes in intense levels in certain cases. This treatment is also highly beneficial in strengthening bones and protecting them from osteoporosis, making them less likely to break. Plus, it also lowers the risk of stroke, dementia, heart disease and colon cancer.

Pellet treatment that is performed with pellets having the size of a smaller grain of rice, has become beneficial over other forms of replacement therapies, as it offers the convenience of every 3 to 4 month insertion in women and every 6 month insertion in men. This also provides the advantage of a reliable, consistent relief of symptoms and also does not have an adverse impact or exposure over children. Before consideration, the candidate has to go through a thorough lab assessment. This includes an appropriate breast screening in women and prostate examination in men.

The hormones adopted for this treatment are Natural bio Estrogen and Testosterone in women. While for men, natural identical testosterone alone is used. And when it comes to the dosages of it, up to 4 pellets shall be implanted in women and that depends on the lab data, symptom load and body size. The range of dosages on an average is 6 to 25mg of Estrogen and 25 to 150mg of Testosterone. For men, more pellets from 6 to 10 are required, with comparatively higher dosages of 200mg depending on the lab data, age and body size.

Lab tests must be undergone after a month’s time since the insertion procedure is performed, to determine the level of adequacy of the treatment.

Hormone Pellet Therapy in Kansas City is an unprecedented and incomparable move in the history of medical sciences, already proving it to be very effective to those seeking to live longer.

Dr. Mathew Williams has a medical background in the field of Hormone pellet therapy in Kansas City, who also has been offering treatments, for those aspiring to live longer and younger. He also offers reviews and tips on how to lead a healthier life.