Locals Discover How A Chesterfield MO Allergist Helps Alleviate Pet Allergies

People who have pet allergies may find it difficult living in a country where more than half the households have one or more animals in them. Even without owning their own, they still have contact with people who do own cats and dogs which still exposes the sufferer to the problem allergens. A Chesterfield MO allergist has the methods that can help someone find the relief they need.

People are not actually experiencing allergies to the animal, but to substances related to them. The proteins that can stimulate asthma and allergy symptoms are commonly found in pet skin flakes, urine, saliva and dander. They also tend to get allergens like pollen and mold spores attached to their fur or hair, and bring it in from the outdoors.

An allergen is defined as a substance that is normally harmless but has the potential to trigger reactions in the immune, or particular organ systems. Some of the symptoms that commonly manifest are sneezing, sniffing, nasal congestion, coughing, runny nose, watery eyes, shortness of breath, chest constrictions, rashes or hives. People often have individual responses to the same instigator.

Certain types of diagnostics may be run to determine whether someone has sensitivities or actual allergies. Blood and skin tests are capable of pinpointing a specific allergen iGe. They are good indicator that the condition is present and just how severe it is so that the physician can formulate an appropriate relief approach.

Symptoms may be alleviated by several means. Nasal sprays, decongestants, bronchodialators and antihistamines are typically taken by those who have short term reactions and receive minimal exposure. People with conditions that are chronic or severe may be prescribed injections known as immunotherapy which is great for soothing the signs, and preventing reaction.

There are steps one may take to keep their pet and minimize flares. One must first try to avoid both petting and hugging the animals, and train them to stay off the furniture and out of the bedroom. Vacuuming often using micro-filtered bags and insisting the dog be brushed outside by someone else, may produce a significant decrease in exposure to hair or fur.

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