Long Island Chiropractor Uses Spinal Decompression For Back Pain Relief

Do you find it hard to get through your work day because of back pain or discomfort? Maybe you can’t enjoy your off days, because it’s difficult to do simple things around the house. Many people are realizing the benefits of Long Island Active Release Techniques Therapy with spinal decompression. With these methods, your back pain could be a thing of the past.

Decompression is a method used to relieve pressure on the spine. By using the right kind of equipment, your spine is gently stretched for a specific period of time. The entire process is not painful. In fact, this method is often used to help those with herniated disks. Decompression can actually relieve pressure on nerves caused by a bulging disk, and impinged nerves are the main reason for back problems.

Decompression creates a favorable environment for healing. For example, nutrient rich blood and oxygen can once again flow to the disk. If your job involves sitting for hours, decompression can provide much needed relief to the nerves in a compressed spinal column.

In addition to decompression, your chiropractor may suggest ART. This stands for active release therapy and is often used to help tightened tendons and muscles relax. Your ART therapist massages specific regions to help break up adhesions and scar tissue, which shorten muscles and make them tight.

Both ART and spine decompression from your chiropractic professional are drug and surgery free therapies. There are no types of pain drugs (in pill form or injection) utilized in the process. It is completely safe and natural and people of all ages can benefit from these methods.

Your Long Island chiropractor will completely examine you and help you find the reason for your back pain. Together you and your chiropractor will work to help your body heal itself through a number of proven and effective therapeutic techniques. ART with decompression and gentle chiropractic adjustment, can help with sciatica, disk problems, and many kinds of painful conditions.

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