Midlothian Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy In A Relaxing Office Setting

Back pain can impact the life of anyone. Of the twenty-two million people in the US who visit chiropractors each year, more than one-third of them do so complaining of back pain. It can be the result of wrenching the back while lifting something, or it can be the result of a car accident. Fortunately there is help available in the office of a prominent Midlothian Chiropractor.

You will be asked to relate all the details during your first appointment. After a medical history is compiled, the next step is a thorough examination. Included are range-of-motion tests, reflex tests and an x-ray. It is not until a thorough evaluation is completed that a plan can be made for your care.

The backbone is made up of small, hollow bones called vertebrae. The delicate spinal cord runs through and is protected by them. If they are out of place due to an accident they can press against one of the spinal nerves causing significant pain. Your chiropractor will, with your help, devise a plan to move them back into the correct position.

In many cases, a series of spinal adjustments are scheduled to slowly correct the misalignment. The pressure against the spinal nerves will be reduced by this process. Each individual progresses at his own speed depending on factors such as age, extent of injury and your general health.

In many cases there is muscular stiffness and discomfort. Massage may be incorporated into the care plan to relax those muscles in the back and neck. Your chiropractor is a source of professional information on good nutrition and exercise as well.

It is good to remember that pain is always an indication that there is a problem. Ignoring it may only make the condition causing it worse. Having it assessed by your chiropractor will help determine if you are a good candidate for spinal adjustments. There is nothing noble about suffering especially when there is a credible way to alleviate that pain.

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