Multivitamins is Your All-in-One Answer to Good Health

A lot of people already know that taking vitamins and minerals is important for the improvement of one’s health. Everybody also knows that the most natural way to get these vitamins and minerals is through vegetables, fruits, meat and other food that are rich in these supplements.


However, there are some individuals who think that they can get all the needed health supplements just by eating foods that are healthy. They think that as long as they eat healthy, they do not need to buy and take food supplements anymore. Little did they know that even if they eat healthy in sufficient quantity all day long, the amount of minerals and vitamins that they get are still not enough…


Years before when farming plants did not involve too much chemicals and when cooking these food did not contain too many artificial products, there were indeed a lot of healthy supplements that you can acquire in these food. Today, the practices for harvesting, producing, processing and cooking food has become less healthy and nutrient dense. For instance, did you know that it would take several cups of today’s harvested spinach just to get an equal amount of nutrients that you can harvest in one cup of spinach years ago?


Today, there are numerous vitamins in tablets, capsules and liquid form that have been developed to pair with your balanced diet. These were developed to provide individuals all the required nutrients to protect them from illnesses and to strengthen their immune system. By taking your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, you will be able to protect yourself from developing heart diseases, cancer and osteoporosis.


As you all know, there are lists of different nutrients that are known to be good for one’s health. Although taking them may not have too much side effects, lots of people are wondering what could be the difference between those kinds of supplements and multivitamins. Vitamins importance may be plenty, but there are actually greater advantages in taking multivitamins.


Multivitamins are capable of preventing diseases, providing you with the Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrients, capable of maintaining the efficiency of cells, supplies the other nutrients that food cannot give and activates the enzymes that are essential to cellular function. You might think that these are actually the same advantages that single tablet vitamins can give. So what could make multivitamins better than the latter?


One of the reasons is that some vitamins cannot be stored by the body. The vitamins are categorized according to the capacity of the body to store them. For instance, vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble which means that the body will be capable of storing them. On the other hand, vitamins B and C complex are water soluble which means that they cannot be stored in sufficient amounts and with this fact, they must be taken daily. If they are not taken on a daily basis and they are not included in your daily balanced diet, you might develop illnesses. Multivitamins are capable of supplementing both of these soluble vitamins.


Multivitamins are capable of providing the needed nutrients when some vitamins are not readily accessible.  In this case, vitamin D would be the best example. Vitamin D is best acquired through sunlight and the epidermis can produce enough if it is exposed to sufficient sunlight. However, there are people who are living in places where sunlight is not always readily accessible. With this situation, it would be better to take multivitamins so as to not develop illnesses.


Summary: The main focus of this article is to reflect the roles that multivitamins play in developing and maintaining a good health. The article describes the types of vitamins and their specific roles in preventing diseases.



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