More Myths About Dental Implants Debunked!

People suffering from tooth loss problems are increasingly considering dental implants. In order to be assured that dental implants are an ideal treatment choice, one must get the facts right.

Read on to find out some common misconceptions about getting dental implants and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Dental implants are not for the aged

No one can be too old for dental implants! People as old as 90 years can be qualified for dental implants without an issue! However, older patients with certain health issues like diabetes, gum diseases or bleeding disorders may not be suitable candidates for dental implants. The issue in these cases, is the problem with the overall health of the individual and not specifically with his or her age. In fact, some younger patients are disqualified for dental implants as they are yet to develop a complete jawline.

Myth 2: Dental implants tend to fall out sometimes

Majority of patients (over 95%) do not face issues of implants fall out, failure or loosening. In very few cases, such problems occur and can be rectified by consulting the dental surgeon without delay. Experts recommend finding a reliable provider of dental implants to ensure optimal success of the treatment.

Myth 3: Titanium posts of dental implants cause chronic headache

There has no clinical research or proof to support this claim. Patients who are suffering from head ache post the dental implant treatment may have experienced a complication during surgery that could have ultimately damaged the nerves or the sinus cavity. But this is probably one in a thousand case and when you have a good dental surgeon by your side, such worries are unwarranted. Also, in some cases, a misaligned bite post the dental implant treatment can lead to frequent headaches. This can be corrected by working with a cosmetic dentist.

Myth 4: Dental implants can pose serious health risks

For over 40 years, patients have been investing in dental implants cost and have been visibly happy with the results. Over the recent years, dental implant technology has evolved drastically thus pushing the success rate of the procedure high. In fact, dental implants are much more reliable than any other form of tooth replacement procedures.

Myth 5: Dental implants are too painful and thus disrupt the normal routine of the individual

A little discomfort during dental implants is normal and this is in fact the case with any other dental procedure. The little pain that occurs with implants can be handled with various anesthesia options and patients take only a few days to settle back to their normal routine post the dental implants surgery in Melbourne.

The author is a reputed dental surgeon in Melbourne. He has more than 6 years of experience in dentistry. He loves giving tips & advice on dental implants through his blogs. Read to know more.