Obtaining The Deepest Fake Tan With Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark Lotion

You don’t have to sit in the sun for hours just to obtain the most intense suntan possible. All you have to do is grab a bottle of Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark lotion. Going for this product is a healthier and more practical alternative to sunbathing.

Of all the tanning solutions from the manufacturer, this one contains the most dihydroxyacetone or DHA. A kind of sugar, DHA found in Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark won’t cause irritation while it is giving you an intense sun-kissed glow. It is approved by the US FDA as something suitable for topical use. There are no unfavorable side effects to worry about.

You don’t have to be exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays when using this Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark solution. The moment it is fully absorbed by the skin, you may get dressed and continue doing your usual activities inside the home. Getting that striking complexion requires no sunbathing for hours. This means the probability of having skin cancer is significantly reduced. [I:http://proarticlesdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/HaywoodRaptis6.jpg]

Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark also spares your skin from ending up with premature signs of aging. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation is the main reason for the early development of these imperfections, according to dermatologists. By using Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark topical solution instead, you can save your skin from the bad cosmetic effects of sunbathing.

Your skin has to be properly prepared for this Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark solution. Prevent ending up with a blotchy outcome by removing excess body hair. Shave on the day you plan to obtain a fake suntan. If your preferred choice of removing those unwanted body hair is waxing, do it at least a day before using the topically applied product.

Having a shower is one more thing that has to be done. This removes too much oils and chemical residues from those cosmetics you use on a regular basis so DHA in Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark can perform its task trouble-free. It’s easier to end up with a smooth tan with those excess dead skin cells removed. While in the shower, grab a loofah and exfoliate. You may simply order the exfoliating body gel coming from the Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark lotion’s manufacturer.

After you are done applying the Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark, keeping your skin well moisturized is highly recommended. This causes the lovely fake suntan to stay around much longer. For this task, you may regularly apply your usual hand and body moisturizer. The indoor tanning solution’s manufacturer also offers a color extender which you may purchase.

With the Sun Labs Self Tanner Ultra Dark tanning solution, there’s no need to sit in the sun for a long time just to enjoy a really deep bronzed complexion. It makes you look great and it saves you from ending up with skin cancer and premature signs of aging. Because of DHA, the product can give you a fake suntan that can captivate everyone.

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