Organic Spray Tan Based On Nature’s Best Plants

People are more sensitive to various chemicals than they used to be. The necessity for natural, organically grown food is more and more present today. Even in pharmacy and cosmetics, natural ingredients are more appreciated lately. To be labeled as organic, every particular product has to contain the required minimum percentage of naturally grown and extracted substances. That percentage may vary in different countries, but the basic principle remains the same. Organic spray tan contains appropriate amount of natural substances, but it also provides extraordinary results.

The most important ingredient in very good quality sunless tanning products is DHA. This active compound reacts with the amino acids in the most outer skin layer, and the main product of this reaction is the appealing bronze color. Organic spray tan also contains DHA, but it is extracted from pure natural sugar cane and beets. The final color has no orange hues and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Even if you have very sensitive skin, you can safely use it.

Every sunless tanning lotion should also contain a high-quality moisturizer. Organic spray tan uses the natural ones. Various plants extracts are very efficient natural moisturizers, and one of the most popular is certainly Aloe Vera. It protects hydrates and nurtures the skin, keeping it soft and elastic. Aloe Vera is highly beneficial for especially dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin.


Organic spray tan contains natural antioxidants as well. Different seeds extracts are very appreciated antioxidants as well, for example grape seed. Antioxidants are very important ingredients in all cosmetic products, because they are highly efficient against free radicals. Antioxidants are the best keepers of your youth, especially the well-known vitamin C. They are able to slow down the aging process and have numerous advantages for your general health condition.

Some other vitamins are necessary for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Vitamin D, for example, can be naturally absorbed if you expose your body to the sun. Vitamins B, A and E play very important role in your general well-being. Organic spray tan uses natural sources of these valuable vitamins, and some other valuable sources of essential minerals important for you.

Another great plant is Versativa hemp. It is a source of so many quality ingredients and have extraordinary beneficial effects on human well-being. It is used in many fields of life, as a source of valuable vitamins and minerals. Organic spray tan contains only pure extracts from naturally grown plants. Only the best from nature is good enough for Organic spray tan.

Most people hesitate to use fake tanning products thanks to characteristic smell they have. This smell is caused by DHA reaction with amino acids, and it is hard to mask. Most manufacturers use perfumes or other chemicals to minimize that awful smell, but they rarely succeed. Organic spray tan uses natural extracts to cover up this smell, very effectively, and this really is a good news. Different plants have very appealing, intensive fragrance you will certainly find very pleasant.

With organic spray tan, you won’t have such problems. It uses only perfectly natural plant extracts to reduce this smell to minimum, and you won’t be able to notice it. Natural extracts are especially mild to your skin, even if you have very dry or sensitive one. Organic spray tan provides amazingly deep and attractive, natural-looking colors, without those unpleasant side-effects.

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