Permanent Makeup – Look your Best Anytime, Every time!

In an era where people lead really hectic lives, each and every one strives to accomplish things in a jiffy. And that applies to anything from a simple household chore to any major professional responsibility. To make the most of the day, we all would find ways in saving several minutes that shall be spent in a useful and productive way.

One major example that fits this concept is women trying to speed up their morning makeup routine. In fact, with permanent makeup that gives you a consistent facial effect, you can spend little or no time in getting ready for the next board meeting or a date.

Permanent Makeup – What Does that mean?

Permanent makeup is typically a tattoo layer that is applied to your face, which makes you look as if you are wearing makeup. The procedure for permanent makeup shall be compared to getting a tattoo on your skin. You can select your preferred shade for your permanent makeup, after which a pigment is applied by a technician. The pigment is applied only on the top layer of your skin and would take approximately three weeks for it to produce the intended result.


1. One of the major benefits of permanent makeup is that it’s a major timesaver. For those people who’d have to make long commutes every day or have really tight schedules, permanent makeup is a boon.

2. With permanent makeup, all your worries about your makeup getting smudged or faded over time goes away! Even after a hard and sweaty workout, swimming or showering, permanent makeup doesn’t wear off.

3. For those people with physical disabilities, permanent makeup would help especially when they cannot apply makeup by themselves. Any worries regarding incorrect application of makeup goes irrelevant too.

4. Permanent makeup also helps those people who deal with cosmetic allergies or with pigmentation conditions such as vitiligo that can cause white patches on the skin.

Types of Permanent Makeup

a) The most common areas where permanent makeup is applied are the cheeks, eyelids, lips and eyebrows. Eyebrows is a common option chosen by many as hair loss and aging can cause to lose hair over their eye. With just a few strokes of pigment or coloration, this can be aesthetically resolved.

b) Permanent eyeliner is another popular choice of users. It requires a great deal of attention to wear regular eyeliners, which is why it’s best to invest in permanent eyeliners. They give you a more definitive look around your eye.

c) Permanent lip makeup is for those who have dry lips or need to add more color to their lips. They can give you a great effect just as you’d get from applying a lipstick and make your lips look distinct and enhancing.

Bottom Line

Permanent makeup is ideal for those who’d not just wish to save time but also like to show off an attractive look as though they were natural. The procedure is safe and would take anywhere between 120 and 150 minutes. Ensure that you meet only a certified specialist to get it done.

So what are you waiting for? Book your consultation with a permanent makeup specialist today who can walk you through the options and the procedure. Stay beautiful!

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