Popular Myths on Hormone Replacement Therapy Busted!

The effects of aging can be devastating for many – weight fluctuations, mood swings, night sweats and more can all be real frustrating. There are various treatments available to curb such symptoms, but only a lesser portion of the population is aware about the goodness and benefits of hormone replacement therapy. Popular misbeliefs surrounding the treatment have lead people to look for other lesser effective options. Here are such myths regarding hormone replacement therapy:

MYTH 1: Hormone Replacement Therapy is Unsafe

Contrary to popular belief, bio identical hormone replacement therapy is safe and effective according to experts. The treatment works better with the biological structure of a person and is a much safer alternative to synthetic hormones.

MYTH 2: Bio Identical Hormone Treatments can lead to blood clots

Hormone replacement therapy does not pose a risk of causing blood clots as they are customized to an individual’s hormone level and functioning. This therapy also accounts for a healthier post-menopausal stage in women as it helps in the balancing of estrogen.

MYTH 3: Hormone Replacement can cause cancer

Hormone Replacement Therapy does not cause cancer. Cancers that are vulnerable to fluctuations in hormone levels include breast, uterine & endometrial in women, and prostrate or testicular cancer in men. In fact, for healthy adults, hormone replacement therapy can reduce the risk of cancer by balancing hormone levels.

MYTH 4: Only Women benefit from the treatment

Men are also benefitted as much as women from the treatment. The treatment is effective for men suffering from low testosterone. Such condition can lead to weight fluctuations, loss of sex drive and fatigue. Hormone replacement therapy is helpful in regaining natural testosterone levels.

MYTH 5: Hormone Replacement is unnecessary after menopause

The treatment is helpful in preventing side effects associated with menopause, which is achieved by regulating hormone production. Women suffering from post-menopause symptoms can also reap the benefits of the treatment.

MYTH 6: The treatment doesn’t address weight issues

Doctors advise women that maintaining healthy weight when menopause begins will be quite challenging. But with the help of hormone replacement therapy, hormones are balanced, thus enhancing the natural energy and weight for women.

MYTH 7: Hormone Replacement Therapy works only to address present symptoms

As hormone levels are regulated with the help of hormone replacement therapy, perimenopause, menopause and post-menopausal symptoms are all alleviated. By keeping tabs on hormone levels, the risk of side effects and other long-term issues are much reduced with the treatment.

MYTH 8: HRT Treatments are all the same

One of the greatest advantages of bio identical hormone replacement therapy is that they are customized to the person’s individual needs. They are tailored to meet hormonal balance of every individual.

Hormone replacement therapy is advantageous in many ways equally for both men and women. Consult the best wellness center near you and avail the treatment for a healthier, peaceful life.

The author has been offering hormone replacement therapy for several men and women for over 4 years. He has been writing several health and wellness articles and blogs on various websites. Visit mirabilemd.com