Quickly Fix Your Minor Dental Issues Using Dental Bonding

With more number of dental patients wanting a more conservative treatment to correct simple flaws with their teeth, dental bonding is gaining popularity these days. If you have severe damage, discoloration, wear in your teeth or chipped teeth, opting for treatments such as porcelain veneers are the great ways to achieve a beautiful, healthier looking smile.

With dental bonding, you can add bonding to your existing tooth structure with minimal preparation to the surface of your teeth. This means it plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy tooth structure without altering the appearance of your teeth. Since made up of colored plastic and microscopic glass particles, composite looks more natural has a natural sheen that blends in with your teeth and creates a surface that the dentist can polish to a brilliant shine.

Cosmetic Issues and Dental Bonding

Dental bonding serves as the best solutions for the following cosmetic issues:

Chipped or Broken Teeth

– Choosing dental bonding repair issues such as chips, fractures, or wear in your teeth and restore your tooth’s natural shape and form.

Teeth with Gaps

– The composite used in dental bonding could be customized to match your teeth hence can be applied to one or more teeth to close small spaces between teeth.

Irregularly Shaped Teeth

– Bonding can build up your tooth to alleviate size discrepancies.

Restores Decayed Teeth

– With a composite resin, teeth damaged by decay can be restored and provides strength and longevity.

Protects Teeth Roots

– There is a possibility of gum receding when you brush your teeth too vigorously and can cause your root to become exposed. But, dental bonding fills in space and protects your root from further exposure.

A Good Candidate for Dental Bonding

– Dental bonding can be of a great benefit for people who have a narrow gap or small chip in their teeth. Remember, dental bonding cannot solve every cosmetic issue, but it does allow us to complete treatment in one dental appointment without the removal of healthy tooth structure.

– If you are suffering from tooth discoloration, first professional teeth whitening from your cosmetic dentist in Rozelle and then opt for dental bonding to address the color issue of your teeth.

– Are you a kind of person who follows proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly? Then, you are the good candidate for dental bonding. Without good oral hygiene, your bonding can break or chip, and your teeth will be susceptible to decay and gum infections.

Aren’t you happy with the appearance of your teeth? Worried over big and costly dental repairs? Dental bonding is quick and efficient and can typically be completed within one appointment.

The author of this article is the leading cosmetic dentist in Rozelle with over 25 years of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains the importance of dental bonding to treat various cosmetic dental issues. Visit https://www.scdental.com.au for more information.