Reading To Your Unborn Child

It’s still not broadly recognized that babies ought to be read to even prior to being born, reading to your unborn infant is really a fantastic concept. Keep in mind that your infant will start to hear sounds in the environment from 18 to 20 weeks. So it’s a great concept to begin reading around this time, this will calm your infant from inside the womb.

You can also get dad to read sometimes too so that the baby becomes even more familiar with his voice from within the womb, just imagine the familiarity and security your baby feels every time you read the same story over and over again.

You can read one book at first and let the baby become familiar with that, then you can expand your library to include more books. Mom and dad’s voice is usually instantly recognizable at birth and especially mom’s voice which is preferred above all others.

A story that has been read to a baby from in the womb will calm the baby when he or she gets fussy when born.So go ahead and visit your local bookstore, you can choose newly written books or classics, keep it short and simple, these are the best books to choose.

If you still don’t feel the push to read to your child, consider this, researchers in Amsterdam found out that a baby whose mother listens to a familiar theme song from a soap opera will respond to the music once they are born. So you can clearly see that what is heard inside the womb has an impact on the child outside of the womb.

The baby hears everything its mother says and always likes to hear her voice more than others when it is born. So don’t hold back, start reading to your baby at about 18 weeks and start the learning. Your child will thank you for it later and you will have a child who has an above average appreciation for the language, reading and books, this can only help to make your child a better student once he or she is ready for kindergarten.

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