A Realistic Look at Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is something that is used to reduce or eliminate the menopause’s symptoms. In case you are suffering from moderate to severe menopausal problems, then bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Kansas City is the answer for you. If you want more information on its benefits, find out right below.

Why You Need it?

The sudden disturbances in hormone levels that occur during menopausal times are the ones that cause menopause symptoms. You can stop or drastically reduce these symptoms by restoring the balance to these levels. In other words, by replacing or diminishing the levels of one hormone or the other.

The bioidentical hormone therapy involves performing a saliva test on the patient. It will assess the patient’s various hormone levels and will point out where balance can be restored. As the years pass, every woman’s hormone levels diminish. The bioidentical hormone therapy is one of the only menopause treatments that allows for customized dosages that are tailored to meet each woman’s needs. Hormone replacement in Kansas City can help you restore your hormone levels.

Bioidentical hormones are being made from parts of animals and plants. These are altered to comprise the identical chemical makeup of the hormones that are naturally found in a woman’s body. These are estriol, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

The Benefits of Using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many benefits to using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for restoring the balance in the body. Besides the fact that it can reduce and perhaps eliminate the menopause symptoms, it can also reduce the occurrence of some form of cancers, through the addition of estriol.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is usually administered through injections and creams. This can cut down the liver damage that other hormone replacement pills used in other methods can cause. The mixture of administered hormones is customized for each person. It makes this kind of treatment much more efficient than any other method.

The most common bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the one that replaces estrogen. It has witnessed a lot of favorable research in this area. More recently, this natural procedure has also been used in men. It has been applied to replace testosterone and progesterone. Moreover, teenagers and young adults with acne that is related to hormone cycles as in females during menses, have found relief with a natural bioidentical to progesterone. Whether you have acne or not, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is proven to be useful in reducing the severity of symptoms related to menses such as cramps.

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