Is It Really Wise To Take Out My Wisdom Teeth?

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The human mouth is normally equipped to hold 28 to 32 teeth, 28 of which are harmless and help as to chew food particles. Wisdom teeth, or 3rd molars, are the teeth that are found furthest back in the mouth. A theory says, there are 4 wisdom teeth that should grow much like your normal teeth. However, the real truth is the wisdom teeth often do not grow properly. Sometimes, they partially come out of the gums or grow at the wrong angle. They naturally begin to emerge in early adulthood, between the ages of 17 and 25.

If your dentist recommends you to remove your wisdom teeth, you may be wondering if it really necessary. It is more important to understand that why your dentist is recommending you to have wisdom teeth removed, so you can take right decision for your oral health.

Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth can be impacted in different angles. Some wisdom teeth can even grow in fully sideways; this may be strange but true.

When teeth cannot fully emerge from the gums, they are considered to be impacted. These teeth get stuck in the bone or gum tissue. Initially, they may not pain, overtime they get infected or possibly disturb the alignment of other teeth. Before they cause any problems, the dentists will suggest you to remove the impacted teeth.


Even though your wisdom teeth have enough space to come in properly, it may cause your mouth to be overcrowded. When teeth are pressed closely together, it can be very difficult to observe good oral hygiene which increases the occurrence of decay. To create more space in your mouth, it is recommended to remove the wisdom teeth.

Jaw Damage

Cysts can form around your wisdom teeth which could probably cause permanent damage to your jaw and nerves. If there is an indication of cysts, your dentists will typically recommend you to remove the wisdom teeth in order to prevent the damage. The untreated cysts can form deeper and require surgery to remove completely.


Only the partially emerged teeth have a high risk for infection. If your wisdom teeth gets inflamed or infected, it is best to remove them. At first, the dentist treats you with antibiotics to cure the infection, and then remove them after the area is healthy enough to prevent the occurrence of another infection.

These are the reasons to have wisdom teeth removed. Do you still have your impacted wisdom teeth? No worries, as wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable, try to remove it before you fall in any trouble.

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