Recovering From The Holidays: Dental Style

Bi-annual dental visits are recommended for the ultimate health of your teeth. However, not everyone enjoys going to the dentist; in fact, the majority of people don’t.

Almost with annoyance, most will answer yes. But are Americans really doing enough to avoid incurring serious gum diseases?

You may even cringe at the idea of heading to the dentist in fear of a diagnosis. A cavity might just ruin your day. What if there are two or three? That could be really bad news to start off the New Year. Well, there’s good news in this regard. A significant portion of your overall dental hygiene is determined by your diligence in keeping them clean and protected over a long period of time.

In other words, while avoiding cavities and taking care of one’s teeth is essential to provide a person with healthy teeth, one of the main causes of tooth loss is gum disease.

That being said, it is still a good idea to get started on your normal dental hygiene schedule again as soon as possible. Here is just a quick reminder of things to take care of every day.

The suggested amount of time for brushing daily is two minutes, so set a timer and make sure you do not stop until that beeper goes off. To make it fun for your children, some toothbrushes even come with two minute versions of songs by their favorite pop-star.

This will help you wipe away that disease creating plaque that will sit on your gums and teeth for several hours if you don’t get them off. Plaque can cause gingivitis, a gum inflammatory disease that can lead to more severe gum disease, periodontitis.

Many times, people may think that the harder the brush, the more likely the cavities will disappear. Well, this isn’t exactly true.

The most common characteristics or symptoms of gingivitis include sore, red, or bleeding gums. Typically, the gums will only bleed when brushing one’s teeth, which may not always denote gingivitis, but a visit to the family dentist in Newton KS, is still recommended to rule out gingivitis as the root origin of the bleeding.

Take care of them by removing that plaque as soon as you can, twice a day should be sufficient. In the interest of getting rid of it right away, consider brushing after every meal.

Not only will plaque cause the formation of cavities, as the bacteria living in plaque excretes tooth decaying acid, but plaque can also transform into tartar. Tartar is hardened plaque that can no longer be removed from teeth by simple brushing and flossing.

Understanding that a trip to a dental office makes many people nervous, we would be more than happy to be your best friend dentist in Newton, KS. However, we understand that friendship is more than someone prodding around in your mouth.

So bring a friend to talk to and calm you down. We just want you to be happy!

Get back into these daily habits as soon as possible to best avoid any permanent damage from the past several months of riotous eating. McPherson Dental Care is the home of a dentist in Kansas that cares about your teeth.

As Generaldentists serving the McPherson, Hillsboro, Hutchinson and dental offices of Salina, KS, Drs. Julian, Kynaston, and Perry can alleviate your dentistry needs as well as dentistry that is considered cosmetic.