Restore Your Youthfulness with Hormone Replacement Therapy

The latest medical craze sweeping the country is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in males, as men of 30 to 60 years are being found to have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily by the testicles and is often associated with the epitome of “manhood”. Every man is born with different levels of testosterone and the secretion naturally falls as a man ages.

Advantages of Testosterone

– Improves your mental and physical energy

– Increases your muscle size and strength

– Increases your metabolism

– Help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

– Increases libido and erectile function

Overdosing on testosterone can have negative health effects. But modern environmental, cultural, and dietary changes are artificially decreasing men’s normal testosterone levels, and at a younger and younger age.

Factors Affecting Testosterone


Chronic levels of stress will increase your cortisol levels, which suppresses your hormonal pathways and leads to imbalance. Long-term stress will suppress hormone production — notably testosterone production in men, and can even prevent existing testosterone from functioning normally.

Lack of Sleep

Testosterone rises while you sleep, particularly during the REM phases. Today, men are often skimping on their shut eye, which in turn is sapping their testosterone.

High Intake of Refined Carbohydrates

The typical American diet is high in refined carbohydrate with foods such as hamburger buns, breakfast cereal, pasta, white sandwich bread, and tortillas. Consuming these products will increase your insulin levels and disrupt your body’s central hormone pathways leading to suppressed testosterone production.

Soy Intake

If you think soy is supposed to be so good for you, you’re wrong. Soy increases your estrogen and decreases your testosterone.

Meat Consumption

Men who enjoy eating their steak, hamburgers, ribs, and brisket may be largely unaware that most of the meats they’re consuming are heavy in hormones which lead to major hormonal imbalance.

Smoking & Beer Consumption

Even moderate alcohol consumption can decrease a man’s testosterone levels by as much as 6.8 percent. The hops found in most beers contain estrogen-like properties which lead to declined testosterone. The nicotine and cotinine in cigarettes inhibits and reduces testosterone production.

Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

– Avoid processed, packaged and prepared foods as it increases your weight and lead to obesity which in turn lowers the testosterone levels.

– Eating whole foods by cutting out excess sugars, fats, preservatives, etc. can maintain testosterone levels. Including more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can make you healthier.

– Increase intake of healthy fats such as Omega-3 fats which is found in a variety of foods such as eggs, algae, fish and mussels, but also plant oils like flaxseed, hemp and walnut oil.

– Exercising properly by lifting weights, cardio training can make a big difference in your testosterone levels.

Hormone Replacement therapies are safe and effective for increasing testosterone levels. It naturally restores your testosterone levels through the use of SottoPelle® Therapy.

The author is a leading hormone replacement therapy specialist who has vast knowledge about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy. He shares his expertise on testosterone.