Sculpting Your Body When Exercise and Dieting Fails


One strives for a well chiseled body not only to impress others but also to ignite the inner glow of supreme self confidence. The science of liposuction has evolved to an extent where it can transform a person’s grotesque blown up exterior into an envious figure. The stubborn fat cells resistant to stringent diet and exercise programme can be easily extracted out of the body once & for all. The arsenal of the body sculpting has grown recently & involves surgical & non- surgi­cal methods. Surgical body contouring procedures like liposuction & lipolysis are common nowadays using various techniques.


What is liposuction?

Also known as lipoplasty, liposuction slims and re­shapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits, improving your body contours and proportion, and ultimately, enhancing your self-image. Liposuc­tion removes fat from your body using suction. During liposuction, small, thin, blunt-tipped tubes (cannula) are inserted underneath the skin. Fat is suctioned out through these tubes to target specific fat deposits. In recent years, improved techniques have made liposuction safer, easier, and less painful.


Who needs liposuction?

Despite good health and a reasonable level of fitness, some people may still have a body with disproportionate contours due to localized fat deposits. The main purpose of liposuction is to reshape one or more areas of your body, not to reduce body weight. Liposuction is typically used on “problem” areas that have not respond­ed well to diet and exercise. These areas are often on the outer thighs and hips on women and the waist and back on men. The face, neck, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and upper arms are all commonly treated areas.Liposuction is sometimes used in combina­tion with other cosmetic Surgery procedures, such as a “tummy tuck” (abdomino­plasty), breast reduction, or face-lift. Liposuction may also be used to treat certain medical conditions, including

:Benign fatty tumors (lipomas).

• Abnormal enlargement of the male breasts (gynecomastia or pseudogyne­comastia)

.Problems with metabolism of fat in the body (lipodystrophy).

What liposuction does?

By removing unwanted deposits of excess fat, liposuction improves body appearance and smoothens irregular or distorted body shapes. Some of the main liposuction benefits include improved health associated with fat loss. Problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise can often be dramatically improved through liposuction. The body smoothing and contouring available with liposuction can make an individual look and feel better with lot of confidence.

Patients who undergo liposuction may even find unexpected benefits of the procedure as they begin to partake in activities that they had previously shied away from because they were unhappy with their appearance. The results of liposuction are significantly noticeable and you’ll have a firmer and more contoured appearance. The effects of liposuc­tion are permanent which means if you do in­crease your body fat then it will NOT return to those areas you had treated.

Dr. Charu Sharma

The author is MBBS, MS (GENERAL SURGERY), Mch (Plastic Surgery) Gold Medalist, BURNS, PLASTIC & COSMETIC SURGEON, and Consultant to Gorgeous Looks Cosmetic Surgery Clinic & FORTIS Group of Hospitals.