Teeth Implant Facts That You Should Be Aware Of

Technology of tooth implants isolated on white
Technology of tooth implants isolated on white











Tooth decay, gum disease and injury to the mouth can all lead to the loss of one or more teeth. This creates a gap in your smile, affects your ability to chew properly and can alter your diet and nutrition. The traditional method involves removable dentures or a fixed bridge. Dental implant is a newer option, which is gaining wide popularity. Many patients have improved their quality of life by having a tooth implant in Sydney.

Dental implants have a high success rate

Most people have had dental implants without any sort of complications during the procedure. Success rate may vary depending on the oral health of the individual, the jaw on which the implants are placed and the capabilities of the surgeon who carried out the procedure. But on the whole, 95% of the teeth implants in Sydney are successful. The implant success rate is more when the procedure is performed by a specialised dentist.

Implants have a natural look

You cannot easily pick out the difference between dental implants and real teeth just by appearance. They are specifically made to look, feel and fit exactly like all the other teeth in your mouth. This ability makes it the right choice for a missing tooth. It feels natural once it gets fixed to the bone.

Eating is made easier with implants

Though, Implants are not the only long term option for teeth replacement, it provides a more natural and satisfying chewing experience. Traditional dentures can get slid easily, making it more difficult to chew thoroughly. With dental implants, you can eat all your favorite food without any resistance. Also, the bite force applied while eating is almost the same as that of a person with a complete set of teeth.

Implants replace the root of your missing tooth

When you suffer from a tooth loss, the place in which the root was situated becomes void. As a result, you will lose the jawbone density and mass over time. Most of the tooth replacement methods replace only the crown of the teeth. However, dental implants focus on the other hidden parts of the teeth. The implant makes contact with the bone and encourages the growth of new tissue around them. Therefore, a natural bond between the bone and metal is established.

Implants leave the natural teeth alone

Dental bridges involve removing some portion of the adjacent healthy teeth to ensure proper balance of the dental bridge. Dental implants do not disturb the other teeth.

For best results, submit yourself for an oral examination before getting an implant.

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