The Impact Eagle 754 Ventilator System

The overall design of the Impact Eagle 754 Ventilator includes a robust exterior that serves as a respiratory support mechanism. The machine is easy to transport and consists of a lightweight design that may be transported for application in clinical and home based settings. There are a number of features that are associated with such equipment for efficient and reliable intervention.

A closer look at the Eagle ventilation mechanisms reveals an internal compressor ventilator that is able to deliver the desired performance. The overall mass is 13 pounds and includes a 3 pound AC power adapter that makes it easier to transport. Technology offers improvements in screen functionality and alarms for ease of operation.

For healthcare providers the system offers an interactive user guide to ensure that all features and functions are performed in an efficient and accurate manner. A quick and easy to understand start-up sequence makes it simpler to perform the operations for life saving purposes. It takes a total of 3 steps in order to implement the necessary operative tasks.

The entire unit can function on battery power and includes an internal compressor that is able to provide function for 3 hours with the AC/DC adapter. A number of accessories are included in design to ensure that all types of patients are provided intervention. The ease of transport makes it a suitable choice for medical use in different environments.

Such models do not consume gas and is considered among the most reliable ventilators in the market. The equipment has received certification for both medical and air use contributing to its desirability when it comes to risk and possible trauma. It operates in a fast and dependable manner making it a true contender within the medical industry.

With the operations of the Impact Eagle 754 Ventilator all persons are provided essential support and efficient operation. The particular range of equipment is able to deliver quality care and meet with the necessary respiratory requirements. Individuals responsible for the function of such mechanisms should possess the relevant medical authorization.

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