The Maternity Wardrobe

Before breaking the bank to shop for maternity wear, you might want to consider a few more economical options, these options need not make you look anything less than your best. They should however leave you looking your usual fabulous self and leave your bank statement looking just as good, as you may be aware maternity clothing can get a bit expensive. So, before you rush out in the first trimester and break the bank, you should take a look at what is actually in your closet, you may find that you have a few pieces that will tide you over nicely until near the end of the second trimester.

The first thing you should do is raid your own closet. You might find that you have more than a few outfits that will flatter your growing waistline. Especially tops, you might find some that should be able to work for a few months before you have to start stocking up on tops that give you a little more room.

If you are on a tight budget it is always best to save up for the baby rather than spending it on clothes you probably will only wear for a few months. You might also want to consider going through you significant other’s closet, you might find that many of his t-shirts look good on you, especially when paired with long tights or leggings.

Let’s take a look at the what you should shop for and how you should shop when you are finally ready to shop. The first thing you you should do is not divert too far from your own personal sense of style, if you have a preference for pants over dresses or skirts over pants stick to that, and if like certain colors go with that, don’t get caught up in trying to look different and choose clothing style that don’t match your personality.

Check “plus size” stores first if you don’t normally shop there and you might find some great pieces and they will cost less than maternity clothes. Especially when you are in your second trimester. When you reach your last trimester, then you can start looking into official maternity wear.

If you use to wear high heels you will have to give them up as those stilettos are not your feet’s best friend as your tummy expands, they will not balance you well and will be uncomfortable if your feet start swelling as often happens in pregnancy, so budget for comfy flats.

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