These Tips Can Lead You To Resist Easy Bruising For The Rest Of Your Life!

Everybody bruises sometimes. There’s just no way around it, although you may wish that this was not the case. In case that you are wondering why you have a bruise, the likely reasons are due to age or injury. In any case, this is a natural bodily process and is treatable. Here are some ways to live better with the bruises you do get, and some ways to prevent bruising in the first place.

The obvious first tip to prevent bruising is to avoid being in crowded situations. Sometimes people can bump into you in a crowd, or cause you to bump into something; and either type of bump may cause a bruise. There are probably not a lot of activities that require you to have to be in a crowd.

Outdoor activities or participating in sports events can cause bumps, scratches, and bruises that are all par for the course by your being a participant. It’s important that you wear the proper protective gear that is appropriate to the activity to protect yourself from injuries that can result in bruising.

Here’s another tip: Increase your vitamin K intake, because you’re probably not getting sufficient quantities in your diet. Vitamin K deficiency leads to blood that clots poorly which means that any bruise that does form will be larger and uglier than if your vitamin K levels were optimal.

When you do get a bruise, you’d like to be able to alleviate any possible swelling. You can use a cold compress immediately after the bruise forms, or you might find a poultice made from crushed parsley applied directly to the bruise will help get rid of any pain and swelling.

Are you taking full strength aspirin as a pain remedy, or other blood thinning drugs? If you are, then know that you will likely be more prone to bruising easily. To help prevent bruising easily, don’t take these types of drugs any longer than you need to, or ask your physician if there is an alternative that doesn’t act as much as a blood thinner.

You can use cold and hot compresses to the area of a newly formed bruise. A cold compress, not a direct application of ice, can help minimize the size of a new bruise. Alternating from the cold compress to a warm compress will help the body reabsorb the blood that causes the bruise’s dark and ugly appearance.

These are just a few very simple ways to help you avoid bruising circumstances and help you heal bruises when they do occur. Even if you follow all of the above advice, you should also give strong consideration to following the unique, all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program that has helped people all over the world to totally avoid bruising easily.

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