Why should you think before removing your wisdom teeth?

A wisdom tooth becomes visible in a person only in their early twenties. They are in other words meant to be as “third molars”. This molar matures flat upright and pushes absolutely straight into the curved positions of the mouth. The dental association urges that, the people aged 16 to 19 should have their wisdom teeth evaluated to witness if they need to be removed. Wisdom teeth detached before the age of 20 have fewer problems.

“Teeth of wisdom” was the terminology used in 1600s and later on from 1848 they were called as “Wisdom teeth”. These molars usually grow between the age of 16 and 19. They are four in numbers and grow as the last teeth in our mouth. It commonly affects the other teeth as they grow, in view of the fact that they grow sideways. The lack of space inside the mouth allows the wisdom teeth to erupt, which results in the risk of periodontal disease. Wisdom teeth removal in which is considered to be cheap is one of the good solutions for this difficulty.

Reasons to Remove your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be considered for a removal for various reasons. But most of us are under the misconception as to, whether everyone should undergo a wisdom tooth removal process. So here are some valid reasons which should be taken into account before removing them.

– Infection or Pericoronitis
– Problems related to tooth alignment
– Pathology
– Complications related to tooth decay
– Periodontal infections/disease
– Headaches, Pressure, Chronic pain
– Adjacent teeth damage

Wisdom teeth positioning in the jaw bone makes it difficult to clean and maintain the teeth properly. If in-appropriate dental treatment is given to the teeth and the tissues, it may cause an increased risk, for problems including recurring infections, tooth decay and gum disease.

Do All Wisdom Teeth need to be removed?

Exactly No! Only just because it’s a wisdom tooth, it’s not compulsory to remove it. It’s not justifiable too..!! It may be surprising, some people may not experience any issue due to the growth of wisdom teeth during their entire life. Without any issue, it’s not necessary to undergo wisdom tooth removal.

Impaction is the main factor that a dentist will take into consideration for wisdom teeth removal. Full bony impaction and partially erupted teeth are the two types of wisdom teeth impaction that may occur. The cost of Wisdom teeth removal  may vary. Full bony impaction is a situation where the tooth is fully enclosed in the jaw bone. It may not cause much problem. Partially erupted teeth are problematic since it’s struck between the gums. Oral cavity places these teeth at high risk.

It’s better to have the advice from a dentist who is a specialist in wisdom teeth removal before undergoing any wisdom teeth removed. It is better to avoid surgical treatments, if there is no issue caused due to the growth of wisdom teeth. So get a suggestion from a well-experienced wisdom teeth removal dentist before undergoing any treatment. Have a Healthy Smile…!!

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