Up-To-Date San Clemente Dentist Offers Dental Implant Solutions

You may be one of those who have lost teeth for some reason. Chewing can become a real problem or your appearance may be peculiar if a front tooth is missing. A modern San Clemente dentist can provide a tooth implant to solve this problem so that you can again be proud of your teeth and your appearance.

Titanium is a biocompatible metal, and the bone of your jaw will bond with a screw of this metal. This implanted screw can then support a tough crown of ceramic or other suitable material to form a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. The end result is immensely strong and will last as long as you need.

You might be considering dentures, or already have a set. These implants are far superior, as they will not break or get lost and can be treated just like your normal teeth. They will prevent you jawbone from shrinking and giving you that aged look, and also restore your customary dazzling smile to its full glory.

If you feel that your age may be a problem, this is actually not a very important consideration. Your overall health and the present state of your teeth and jaw play a much bigger role. Dental implants are not advisable in the presence of certain diseases.

Most people who live around this part of LA will not be overly concerned with cost, as the final result will be regarded as more important. An assessment is needed to form a basis for a detailed quote. For most people, the advantages would usually outweigh the costs over the long term

Losing teeth can have a big impact, but you do not have to live with a missing tooth. An experienced San Clemente dentist will be able to provide a acceptable substitute which is not subject to decay and other problems. Restoring your smile is important for your appearance and self-image.

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