Using A Self Tan Product All Through Pregnancy

A self tan product is often used by ladies, and by men as well, to create a natural-looking tan without the need to suntan. The products are useful to someone who is worried about the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. This worry is not unfounded, as it has been proven that the sun can dehydrate the skin, cause wrinkles and dark spots, and can even cause skin cancer. A good result can be achieved with a self tan product.

When a woman is pregnant is always wise to be careful with all products that are consumed or used on the body. She must keep the safety of her unborn child in mind. A self tan product, however, is safe to use during pregnancy. They have been tested by dermatologists and are simply a skin, color-changing formula. They are not absorbed into the body to where they could be harmful to a developing fetus.

Dermatologists have proven that the use of self tan product is harmless during pregnancy as they are basically dyes on the skin surface. Of all the products available today, tanning beds have had considerable discussions as they work the same way as the sun, emitting similar UV rays with the same effects of long durations of exposure.


Sunbeds have not been found to be damaging to a unborn child. The mother should still be careful though, as if they are used too often there could be a variety of health problems that are caused that could end up affecting the placenta. If this happens, there will be an effect on the unborn child. A self tan product, however, will not be damaging to the health of the mother or baby.

Use a self tan product, considering the increased temperatures experienced when using a tanning bed. The tanning bed may be hazardous to the baby especially in the early stages. This is the same case as using a sauna, or hot tub during pregnancy. Lying on the back for long durations is also another point to note. This position restricts blood flow to the heart and the baby as well.

The best option for an expecting lady is a self tan product. They have no side-effects, and actually take care of the skin, rather than damaging it. Its purpose is simply to enhance a brown coloring on the skin, and any excess of the lotion or spray will be easily washed away.

Sprays are not supposed to be used inside the body and therefore user should exercise caution by covering the eyes and the nose during application. The biggest concern with such products is the use of the main ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) on the skin pregnancy notwithstanding. It is therefore best and safe to use self tan product professionally at least for the first few months of pregnancy which are considered the most sensitive and important in a fetus’ development.

Credited to heightened hormonal activity within a woman’s system, the smell produced by such self tan product can be overwhelming and those pregnant tend to stay away from using them. Also, hyper-sensitivity can lead to skin irritation when these products are used. A pregnant woman should use the self tan product on a discreet location of the skin a day before using it over her body.

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