Visia Skin Analysis – A Personalized Skin Care Treatment

Skin health is very important, most importantly because your skin performs many essential tasks like holding body fluids, preventing dehydration, keeping harmful microbes out and more. It also supports the life of all other parts of your body and plays a major role in maintaining immune system.

Your skin reveals to the world how healthy you are – and how old you are. Adhering to a positive lifestyle and a balanced diet keeps your skin healthy and looking younger. So, acquiring and maintaining a healthy skin is an important goal for everyone.

Why Visia Skin Analysis?

Visia skin analysis is a comprehensive technique which determines and provides accurate information about your skin profile and its unique structure and composition. The result obtained from Visia skin analysis is used to create a unique skin care treatment for patient with various skin diseases to achieve more positive results.

Visia skin analysis system is used to determine the following elements using advanced imaging.

– Wrinkles

– Spots

– Pores

– Complexion

– Presence of bacteria

– UV damage

– Texture

This analysis provides a detailed information and better understanding of your skin structure. With this information, the medical spa can recommend the most effective treatment options for your cosmetic concerns.

How It Works?

In general terms, Visia takes images of your skin and provides precise information on different aspects of your skin. Visia skin analysis system used allows the medical spa to record standard, cross polarized and UV photography and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. It also comes with zoom in option to magnify image areas for a closer examination.

Is It Worth Using?

Yes, absolutely! Visia Skin Analysis is highly useful in identifying the baseline condition of your skin and provides a comparison between before and after results. Shortly, Visia skin analysis can be useful in two different ways,

– It serves as a basic platform for the medical spa to recommend the right skin care treatment for the patients.

– The comparison analysis helps the medical spa to prove that their skin treatment is actually working.

Benefits of Visia Skin Analysis

– Visia skin analysis is used to determine the effectiveness of the skin treatment. With the help of this analysis, we can monitor the progress of the treatment and check its effectiveness. This helps in achieving the results faster.

– Visia skin analysis play a major role in identifying the hidden skin issues which may not be noticeable on the surface but affects the overall appearance and health of your skin.

– Helps medical spa to decide on the type of skin treatment based on the unique combinations of your facial characteristics.

Once the analysis is done, the reports are personalized for each patient in an easy to read formation with recommended skin care treatments.

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