Ways To Attain A Gorgeous Sun Airbrush Tan

One of the most popular companies selling self-tan lotions is Sun Laboratories. They have a wide range of products, including the Sun Airbrush Tan, which is quick and easy to use. The company’s self-tan kits are also very popular.

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One of the kits available is the Handy Sun Airbrush Tan Kit, that includes a number of items. The airbrush sprayer is used to apply the tanning lotion, and the exfoliating product cleans the skin in preparation for the tanning product. There is also a product that ensures the tan remains for a number of days.

Spray on sun tanning products have become the latest craze. Perhaps because they are so quick and simple to use. They can even produce the same high quality results as a professional salon with larger Sun Airbrush Tan equipment.


The Sun Ultra Dark spray is a popular Sun Airbrush Tan product used for a dark tan effect. It contains no alcohol, and has no adverse fragrances. It comes in gallon-size bottles, and can be used several times.

Another spray tanning option is the Sun Dark Sunsation self-tan spray. It is sold in gallon quantities, and is developed to moisturize and enhance the skin’s natural qualities. People use this Sun Airbrush Tan product to produce a lovely tan, rather than the sun that can damage the skin. The Dark Sunsation spray absorbs quickly, leaving no uneven color patches. It is formulated from organic sugar-based ingredients, and can be used by anyone.

The Ultra Dark micro spray is formulated to work with all skin types. It gives a gorgeous, dark Sun Airbrush Tan for the entire body. It takes approximately three hours for the nice, dark color to set in.

The Sun Ultra Dark spray clear has a hydrating formula which protects all skin types. The instant tan achieved prevents patchiness or streaking. The Sun Airbrush Tan is deep and natural. It has a natural sugar-based formula that is ideal for all types of skin.

The Sun Airbrush Tan spray, that is referred to as Ultra Dark, can be used throughout the year. It does not matter if the weather is rainy or cloudy, as you can still have a lovely tan. It will not dry out your skin, as it has moisturizing properties.

The sunless Sun Airbrush Tan spray kit is best suited for people who have little time to apply self tanning, sunless products. It is easily applied to the whole body, and it dries instantly. It is designed to renew the skin and to give a natural glow that lasts for a long time. The sunless airbrush spray kit includes an exfoliating body gel that is formulated with vitamins and natural ingredients. It gently removes dead skin cells from the body. It uses apricot kernels to remove the surface impurities, leaving the skin clean and ready for the tanning process.

To avoid the sun’s damaging UV rays, it is advised to use the Ultra Dark Sun Airbrush Tan sprays. They cannot cause any harm, and can easily be used to produce a dark and natural-looking tan. It is an added benefit that they look after the skin as well.

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