Are The Whitespots On Your Teeth Spoiling Your Beautiful Smile

The white spots on the teeth may appear due to various reasons. Though not all of them are harmful to the oral health, they may still sound grave to a beautiful smile. Here an experienced Green Valley dentist shares with you some of the most common causes of the appearance of these white spots & the various treatment methods which could remove them.

1. Fluorosis – This is also called as mottled enamel. Dentists mention that it is a common disorder which is described as hypomineralization of the tooth enamel, when there is excessive intake of fluoride during the inception process of the enamel. Fluorosis does not permanently damage the teeth, instead, it creates an uneven and blotchy bleach effect. The best way is to ensure that your child is not using too much of toothpaste until the age of eight years. When it comes to babies, you should be using only a dab of toothpaste which is not bigger than a grain of rice.

2. Enamel Hypoplasia – This is a perfect teeth defect, which can affect the primary and permanent teeth formation. Many a times they are identified as a missing tooth. It is also caused due to the decrease in the mineral content of the enamel. This situation leaves stains on teeth with decay. The most common cause of this situation is caused when the mother smokes during pregnancy.

3. Demineralisation of teeth – This is a common condition, which causes white spots on teeth. This is also considered as a threat to oral health. This is situation is caused, when plaque is not cleaned properly, these plaques gobble up the minerals on the tooth surface, causing the accumulation of tartar. Brushing in the right way with proper flossing habits is the way to prevent demineralization.

4. Dental Braces – braces on your teeth, makes you vulnerable to any gum diseases. Your brush might not reach all the tiny areas, ending up in plaque buildup. So if you are a person who uses braces, you have to visit your dentist regularly, floss every day and brush twice a day to keep your mouth free from tartar.

Different ways to treat the whitespots

Preventive care is always better! So if you feel that you might need a medical help, here are a few treatments

– Microabrasion – the thin layer of the enamel is carefully removed to give a uniform appearance to your teeth. At times, doctors mention to pair up with the teeth whitening care.

– Bleaching – Your teeth will get a balanced color with the bleaching treatment. There are variety of bleaching kits which is available in the market these days, but it should be considered using only after the approval of the dentist.

– Veneers – When staining is severe and bleaching won’t work, then veneers are the best option. In this process, the dentist will attach a thin porcelain piece to the teeth to give a natural and white appearance of the teeth.

If you are worried about the preventive white spots, you may very well discuss about it with an experienced Green Valley dentist. Let your smile sparkle!

The author has over 5 years of experience as a dentist in Green Valley. He likes to provide various useful tips on dental health to his clients through his blog. Read to know more.