Why Do You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement Kansas City treatment is mostly done in women when they have symptoms of menopause. Hormones are administered to reduce aging and make women feel younger, while also limiting the effects of menopause. Although hormone replacement is mostly preferred by middle aged women, even younger women who have a deficiency in hormones or suffer from hormonal imbalance might have to undergo this treatment.

Estrogen and Progesterone Therapy

There are many health care clinics providing Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Kansas City. You should be careful to choose the perfect center that will provide you with proper treatment. Normally, estrogen and progesterone are used in hormone replacement. Estrogen is used in cases of infertility. But it has other functions too. This hormone is also used to regulate calcium and control blood cholesterol. Estrogen is given in low doses for those who have their uterus removed. If the uterus is not removed, progesterone is also given to prevent cancer in the lining of the uterus. Progesterone reduces the thickness of the lining of the uterus and allows the dead cells to flow out freely.

Risks of HRT

The debate of the benefits and risks of hormone replacement always continue to haunt us. The truth is that there are risks, but you can avoid any side effects if treated properly. There are clinics offering hormone replacement in Kansas City, but if you find the right one, the risks will be reduced. Some of the risks of this treatment include breast cancer, blood clots, stroke and cardio vascular disease (heart disease). If the treatment is too vigorous, it can have more risks than benefits. Researchers have found that hormone replacement treatments are becoming popular with time, and that there are too many takers. But, it is essential that you consult a specialist, probably someone with an experience of more than five years in the field.

Hormone Pellet Therapy

A similar treatment that controls hormonal imbalance is hormone pellets therapy. Again, hormone pellet therapy in Kansas City is popular in the US, but it is quite different when compared to the other treatments. You’ll be surprised to know this treatment has been in use since 1939, and it is one of the oldest hormone treatments.

The side effects of HPT are quite lesser than HRT, but the benefits and treatment duration are longer. The opinion of the best treatment differs among the doctors, but if you want to be on the safer side, this treatment is generally recommended.

When done in the right way Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy Kansas City can be very effective, simple and safe. Contact the best experts in this field right here to set up an appointment.