Apartment Furnishings That Save Space

Living in an apartment can have several advantages, and many people actually prefer the simpler lifestyle to owning a home. It allows for some extra flexibility for those who don’t stay in one place for too long, and it often means cleaning is a much easier process. But one of the disadvantages is the lack of space, both for storage and moving around. However, it’s possible to free up some of that space by using multifunctional products that use space efficiently. Here are a few items that apartment renters should consider.

A Microwave Stand or Baker’s Rack – These items of furniture may seems strange to have, but if you’re living with a small kitchen, putting your microwave on a separate shelf can free valuable counter space. A microwave stand is usually a stand that’s about waist high and have shelving underneath for pantry items. A backer’s rack has a base that looks like a microwave stand, but also includes more shelving above. Some baker’s racks come with hooks for hanging pots and pans, and a wine rack below for bottles.

Depending on the size of the items you store in the closets, you might be able to fit some extra stuff in there if you install additional shelves. Shelves are often very simple to install or remove, and it can add an entire row of storage for shoes, small articles of clothing or other things.

Slow Cookers- Slow cookers have infinite value for the renter. They can cook a variety of foods, even baked goods, and help eliminate numerous pots and pans that could take up too much space in the cupboards.

Smaller items and linens are often well-suited to being stored in drawers. But dressers and desks can take up a lot of space. Finding multi-use furniture items with extra drawers can be a good way to reduce the total number of furniture pieces you need. Beds with drawers, for example, could possibly remove the need for a dresser entirely. As a general rule, you might want to search for items make full use of their mass for extra storage.

Sometimes, apartment cupboards have shorter shelf space, and certain items, like long-stemmed wine or champagne glasses won’t fit. Drinking alcohol out of a normal glass usually just makes you look like an alcoholic, so the best solution is to simply get wineglasses sans stems. They have the extra advantage of looking good when used for non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Even if you have a one-bedroom apartment, it’s possible to make a more comfortable space for guests to stay than an air mattress by investing a couch-bed. Not only will you not have a deflated air mattress in the closet, a real bed is much more comfortable any way. The couch will be heavier and a bit pricier, but it might be worth it for apartments without a guest room.

Hooks – Place hooks everywhere. One by the front door for your keys; some in the kitchen by the sink for towels and wash clothes. Most office supply stores sell the kind of hooks that can be removed without damaging the paint underneath. Other ideas would be placing hooks in the bathroom for jewelry, or some for decorative purposes. Not sure what to do with that old quilt from grandma’s collection? Use it as wall decorations and hang it with hooks.

There are many upsides to choosing to rent an apartment. For those searching for luxury apartments in Erie, PA, It’s a good idea to take a look at The Hammocks at Millcreek.