Approaches Used In Radon Testing

This is known to be a harmful gas or chemical element which can be represented using Rn as a symbol. It is number eighty six in the atomic number. It has the following characteristic that is it is colorless, its actually very radioactive, odorless and it does not have any taste. All these characteristics make it hard for home owners to quickly detect it. This gas is found to naturally occur as product decay or even as element of radium. This gas radium is very unstable which makes it harmful since it will tend to bond with any other element for it to stabilize. Radon testing should be encouraged for each and every home.

At an individual level one can control this gas by ensuring their houses are properly ventilated that is to reduce radon found in air. Underground ventilation is also encouraged. Another simple way an individual can ensure that this gas is minimal is by increasing air alterations per hour or after every two hours in a building.

Radon is gradually formed or generated as single intermediate stage in the usual radioactivity decay and rotting chains where thorium and even uranium slowly decays resulting to formation of lead. There are two gases recognized for their radioactivity and they include uranium and thorium.

These two chemical elements are known exist since the time in memorial. This chemical is considered as the gas that will most likely cause lung cancer. It is known to be the leading lung cancer cause that is for those non smokers and it is also second leading source of cancer of lungs for people in general. EPA and surgeon General advise a thorough testing for this harmful gas and suggest ways to reduce its contents in a given location.

EPA together with surgeons has recommended home owners to know the levels of gas in their homes by contracting a competent person to do a thorough test. After the test the gas specialist should also give suggestions to home owners on how to minimize radon levels in their homes.

The system is very well protected from exterior elements. They create condensation within and around the exhaust pipes and suction. In cold seasons this condensation can probably freeze affecting the life of vent fans. This is why radon systems are safeguarded to protect them from freezing effects and also thaw cycle.

Before settling on one company to test your house first get several quotations from different firms and choose the company you feel is well certified, competent, one that has qualified staff, whose methods are certified and a firm that is not expensive since it is not always true that expensive charges guarantee quality work.

Look at how, why and where is the gas entry, identify what ought to be done so as to manage house pressures and block or seal gas entry pathways. Radon levels in your house are basically contributed by three factors that is pathways, pressures and sources. During earth creation all the known elements found in periodic chart were evenly distributed in different proportions and concentrations. If a person took a soil sample from their house or around the house and analyze it they will find that it contains various elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, lead and also some small amounts of thorium and uranium. City Des Moines IA is known to have levels of this gas.

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