Bathroom Kid-friendly Innovative Design Updates

Bathrooms are essential to the function of a family home, but they aren’t always the easiest rooms to tailor to children’s needs. It is a mere fact that most children find it difficult to reach sinks and get into the tub. So, it is important to consider bathroom remodeling in Kansas City to create a sleek kid-friendly bathroom design that is perfect for both children and adults.

Buy a Step Stool

The common difficulty faced by kids in the bathroom is that the counters are too high. A more economical version of this solution is, obviously, a step stool! Choose a bright color to make the whole space feeling fun and fresh.

Kid-friendly Countertops

Kids often spill things on the counters that leave stains on the countertops. So, choose quartz countertops that are stain and scratch resistant. Quartz countertops are not only stain resistant but also look very beautiful.

Standard Sized Toilet

If you are choosing a child-sized toilet, then it is only good for the very young. This will not be a convenient option if they grow older or have an adult guest. In the meantime, an adult-sized toilet will not work well for children. To tackle this problem, choose a standard sized toilet and add have an adult guest. If the toilet is used primarily by young children, then install a child-sized seat over a standard toilet.

Choose a Tall Vanity

Since kids are always growing, always stick with a vanity that exceeds the standard size. You can also use a stool that you can put away in a cabinet when the kids are not using it.

Bathroom Fixture that Suits all Ages

Use a shower bar with an adjustable showerhead while designing your bath or shower to make it work well for children. You can also change the shower head to fit your kid’s needs. A handheld sprayer is well-suited for toddlers.

Toys and Personal Items

While planning for home remodeling in Kansas City, dedicate a place to store kid’s toys and personal items. For this purpose, add baskets and child accessible drawers. This action gives your children a sense of pride when they have their designated drawer for their personal belongings.

Change the Mood with Paint

Paint the bathroom with a color you children love to make it more appeal. For the tile and cabinetry choose a neutral color whereas brighter palettes can be used for paint and accessories. So, don’t forget to liven up your bathroom with paint during the next renovation.

Durable and Easy-to-clean Items

Install scratch-resistant countertops, washable walls with semi-gloss paint or bead board, and hard-wearing tiles to handle any spills, dings, and stains easily.

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