What Causes Pressure Fluctuations in Your Irrigation System

You might have spent a lot while purchasing irrigation supplies and would expect a good value for your money. However, there are a number of issues that can occur in an irrigation system. One of such difficulties is water pressure fluctuation. When there is a fluctuation in the water flow, it can result in uneven distribution of water. And it is caused due to a number of problems. They are discussed below,

– Local water failure

At certain times, water pressure drops due to water failure in the municipality and it can affect your whole neighborhood. Especially in regions experiencing extreme drought, water supply may get redirected elsewhere for any urgent purpose by the authorities. If you are experiencing water fluctuation and suspect that it is caused by any external source, ask your neighbors whether they are experiencing a similar problem. You can also call the municipality office to obtain latest information about the water supply problems.

– Air

Sometimes air gets shut in your piping system and affects the passage of fluid, thereby reducing their flow. It also leads to additional loss of pressure because of friction. Typically, air gets collected in the most elevated parts of the pipes. But it can gather in fittings and valves too. The common symptoms consist of lack of flow, irregular burst and sudden explosion.

It can be caused as a result of suction leaks, gas buildup in the well, tank bladder damage, broken pumps etc.

– Pressure regulator

Pressure regulators are one of the most recommended irrigation supplies. It can effectively minimize pressure fluctuations, improve the performance of the sprinklers and increase the lifespan of the water system. When you observe any sudden bursts of pressure in the water pipes, check if the pressure regulator works well. In case of any malfunction, remedy it immediately to avoid water wastage.

– Broken lines

If you happen to notice any sudden drop in pressure and water flow, see if there is any breakage in the pipes. Any drastic reduction in the water flow is mainly caused due to crucial leaks or breaks in the water line.

If you cannot find proper solutions for your water fluctuation problem, it is highly recommended to immediately contact a professional in Perth. Irrigation supplies in Perth continue to function efficiently if they are handled and maintained properly.

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