Comparing Granite vs. Quartz Counter Tops

The time has come to replace your countertops and you only want the best. Generally, you will have two choices: Granite vs Quartz. In examining Granite vs Quartz Which one is better will often be the dominant question. Like everything else, both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. We will compare and contrast these two countertop options, starting with granite.


There is no question that granite countertops have become an American obsession how did we get to this point? It is because Granite has been tagged as a “down to earth” choice that has an immense amount of eye appeal. In 1986, it was noted in Los Angeles Times as being one of the most cutting-edge materials for countertops. However, it was still too expensive for most people to afford in the 80’s, so it was more a sign that you had “made it” instead of being affordable. Nowadays, it is much easier to afford, so what made the change? Here are some factors to consider:

For starters, more countries have gotten interested in manufacturing granite, including Brazil. If you have a granite countertop, chances are you got it from Brazil. Moreover, shipping has gotten easier because of the container-style shipping on overseas barges. Granite has also become easier to cut because of computerized saws, and the recent housing boom in the early 2000’s furthered the demand for granite along. Some of the advantages of having granite would include the fact that putting hot items on granite or cutting on it will not damage the surface. Instead it will actually dull your knives. The color of your granite will never fade. Last but not least, it adds value to your home.


One of the best things about quartz is that it has a wider range of colors over granite. It is also more forgiving than granite, not cracking or chipping quite as easily. Quartz also will not stain as easily as granite and does not have the potential to harbor dangerous bacteria like granite has a tendency to do. In other words, once you clean quartz you can be sure that you’ve done a good job. So the drawbacks to having quartz in your kitchen would include the fact that it can cost more money, often retailing from around $115 to $120 per square foot. Also, it is viewed by some as a more contemporary look, and that will clash with individual taste. If you want your kitchen colors to match, you need to be sure that you want a contemporary kitchen style. Finally, please be aware that quartz is also fairly fragile regarding heat, so you will need to be careful in that department.

Granite vs Quartz: Which one to pick? 

Well, that depends on your own personal situation. Do a self-inventory. If you are going to be dealing with a lot of hot items and have a tighter budget, you probably should consider going with granite. If you have a contemporary kitchen and want something easier to clean, go with quartz. Give it some thought and make a well-informed decision.