Contemporary Urban Loft Art for Interior Home Wall Decorating Ideas

Define your “rooms.” Most urban loft have very open floor plans that always include only one great room in addition to the bedroom and bathrooms. This may be both an expert and a con. Openness allows the resident to become creative and change the area to his or her needs. On the flipside, it can be intimidating and difficult to decide the best way to use your space and best places to create “rooms.”

Therefore, the initial step in decorating is always to determine the function of the space. How will you put it to use?

Walk throughout the loft and select the best areas for working, living and entertaining. Once you’ve devised a space, plan. It’s easy to divide outside areas into “rooms” with the placement of partitions, large home furniture or area rugs.

Maximize your space — even the most posh urban loft are usually smaller than a normal high-end home. This means the owner has to maximize the use of space and give the home enough storage room without allowing it to look cluttered or, for the opposite end, cold. One way to make this happen is by using furniture that doubles as storage.

Ottomans that lift up into file drawers and trunks used as coffee tables are extremely loft-friendly. Armoires and vintage cabinets will also be perfect ways to add character to a loft’s interior while creating additional storage options.

If your loft features a very industrial feel with it, contemporary interiors work nicely. Sleek pieces with defined shapes play nicely off industrial architectural elements like exposed piping and concrete walls or floors.

Paying attention to the materials employed in your d?cor is very important, too. Combining wood, glass, chrome and metal creates an interesting look that blends nicely in the industrial-themed loft.

However, some urban loft have a very more vintage, warm feeling. These spaces are typically found in older, refurbished buildings. They are recognized for their exposed brick, decorative moldings and gorgeous columns. All of these elements give great character to your loft which enable it to enhance a room’s interior d?cor.

In older loft spaces, contemporary furnishings might not be the only, or even right option. Think about incorporating turn-of-the-century antiques or even re-productions. Feminine, glass chandeliers might be prefect within an older loft. Hand-carved chests and rich upholstery on furniture with curved lines also are very effective to play in the character of the area.

Have fun with your art. The high ceilings and big windows that usually adorn a loft make them perfect homes for all those kinds of art. Don’t let a particular style or genre dictate your selection; have fun together with your art collection and choose pieces that you love.

Contemporary sketches or traditional oil painting, art paintings or prints, the art in a very urban loft art can provide it a powerful amount of personality. If gallery-type art just isn’t your thing, you are able to think at night obvious and use vintage ads or movie posters to offer your walls punch.

Let in the light. Suspended lamps could be a fun way to integrate a high ceiling in the room’s d?cor. It is important, though, to have a good mix of up and down lighting in order that the flow is balanced. Canister lights will also be very effective in the loft area.

At the end with the day, create a place that you find comforting and inspiring: The beauty of loft living is one size never fits all. And one style shouldn’t either.

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