Dormer Addition – What You Need to Know

Almost every home has an attic, and its importance is often undermined. Attics often turn out to be a very useful space as it can be transformed into your new guest bedroom, office or even a mini playroom. But what makes this space even better? Dormer windows! Dormer addition will surely add more warmth and brightness to your attic. Dormer windows can be installed in several ways, which is why you need the help of professionals to do the same.

What is a Dormer Window?

For those who don’t know, a dormer window refers to a roof window. Dormer addition can help open up your roof and bring in additional floor space. Adding dormer windows will let in natural light and warmth, while also giving you the much needed cool breeze during summer. Dormers are available in a variety of sizes and designs. For better light and ventilation, you can add as much dormer windows as you want for attics that are relatively large.

Things to Consider While Adding Dormer Windows:

Initial Requirements:

1. To make sure your dormer windows will look consistent to your roof, the dormer window material should match with the roof material. Make sure flashing is added to the seams, so that water will not enter into your attic space.

2. Felt shall also be installed in the roof of your dormer. If you want, trusses may or may not be installed for the space.

3. Another requirement is to cut out a sizable hole to install the dormer window. The size of the hole should also be larger than the size of the window. If there are any shingles and sheathing damaged during the process, they will have to be replaced with brand new ones made with new materials, which complement perfectly with the roof.


Dormer windows are usually constructed with its vents installed. Residential remodeling experts will recommend the right type of vents that are to be installed alongside your dormer windows. Certain types such as ridge vents will allow for the hot air to pass through the roof, while the dormer will exhaust any other additional air at the same time.

Style of the Dormer:

There are different styles of dormers available in the market, catering to different roof shapes and styles. Some of the popular styles of dormers include Gable, Shed, and Oregan dormers.

Size of the Dormer:

Dormers are useful because they add additional interior space to your room. Dormer addition can help you add another window or even a new level to your home. For those who perceive attic as wasted space, dormer addition will be a lot more helpful as it adds bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets as per your requirements.

Consult with a home improvement service, if you are thinking of adding dormers to your home and for further assistance in this regard.

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