Dryer Vent Cleaning

Like dirty kitchen ventilation exhaust systems laden with grease, no or irregular cleaning of dryer vents often results in fire. That’s right, a dirty dryer vent often has an unintended delayed ignition, meaning that at some point after use, after you and others have left, the fire ignites, a worst case scenario. Meaning homeowners often leave their houses, or worse, go to bed, leaving a dirty dryer vent to ignite and cause a fire.

It’s a fact that over one third of all residential dryer fires occur simply from a failure to clean. Dirty dryer vents cause thousands of fires in the United States annually resulting in tens of millions of dollars of property damage, injuries, and even deaths. Dirty dryer vents are a leading cause of fires in homes in the United States.

The average homeowner seldom leaves things uncleansed, and they often are painstakingly good at keeping their home tidy, but despite all their daily efforts to keep their household spick-and-span they all too often forget about the accumulation of dirt, lint, insects, and even small animals that has built up in their dryer vent system, clogging it, and lying in waiting to be ignited by the very intense heat produced normally by their dryer. This very dry material acts like tinder. When you imagine your dirty dryer vent jammed with the stuff, and you consider how hot your dryer gets following a long cycle, it’s easy to see why a dirty dryer vent is so dangerous.

While other out of sight, out of mind cleaning jobs exist, like clogged gutters, they often have a way of reminding you to attend to them. When a few cold rain drops, or worse, a steady stream of water hits your neck and runs down your back you’re likely to see to it that your gutters get a good cleaning and soon. However, if you don’t know what to be aware of, and most of us don’t, there is nothing telltale about dirty dryer vents, and there is most often no warning, just a fire, a fire that can damage or destroy your home or injury or kill you and your loved ones.

Now is the time to get hopping and do an out of sight, out of mind cleaning of your home, and there is no place more important to start than with your dryer vent system. Not only will your home be safer, but you’ll feel safer knowing that one of the most common causes of fire in American homes today just simply can not happen to you.