Duramax Sidemate For Your Backyard

Duramax vinyl storage sheds have always been extremely popular among homeowners. These sheds are specifically designed to provide you with more convenience, and ease of use. Since these backyard storage sheds are modular, they offer excellent customized solutions. They will be able to meet the specific needs and demands of every homeowner. This review explains everything about the Duramax Sidemate.

The Duramax Sidemate 4×8 vinyl shed is probably one of their most unique small storage sheds because of its many features. Its slim design lends itself to fit on pretty much any side space along your yard or garden without imposing on your overall garden space too much. Its contemporary look will compliment any modern or even traditional home thus creating some added value to your property.

Other features in general with a vinyl shed are its superiority over a wooden shed or metal shed. Duramax vinyl is a made to a high spec formula that renders it a tough material that will not deteriorate over time or even be harmed by vermin. Termites are not so fond of this stuff..! Vinyl is designed to handle any kind of weather from extreme heat to the freezing cold of winter and will not be affected.

Installation on Both Dirt and Grass Surface – The Duramax Sidemate 4×8 Vinyl Shed features a 2 inch base constructed with a metal frame. You will be able to easily install the shed on dirt ground or grass surface. You will also need an affordable 3/4 inch Plywood sheet. You can use this sheet to construct the floor of the sheet. It just needs to be placed on top of the metal frame.

As storage sheds go many customers regard the Duramax Sidemate shed as one of the best sheds for their home. Its neutral color makes it timeless and it never needs painting, just a regular wash from time to time. Unlike wooden sheds Duramax Vinyl sheds are fire retardant and will not rot or fade which is an extra bonus.

Just like the other prefab sheds from Duramax, the Sidemate model comes with reinforced wall panels, which makes the Duramax stronger and sturdier than most plastic sheds. The added addition of a foundation floor kit takes a lot of the hard work out of setting out your shed.The foundation floor kits makes the installation process much easier and allows the householder to construct it into a perfect square, while keeping it slightly elevated from the ground. The floor kit enables quick construction and the shed can be constructed in as little as one day.

In order to install this prefab shed, you will need some basic tools like Phillips head, ladder, pliers, hammer and measuring tape. You won’t experience any problems while trying to install this shed.

Unlike most other sheds we looked at, the Duramax 4×8 Sidemate vinyl shed gives one the option to put the entrance door on either side of your building depending on how the shed will sit in your yard or garden. This can be a very handy option for an awkward yard space. Plus you have the possibility to fit a padlock through the designated eyes on the handles to secure your contents.

So now you know the best sheds to buy when looking for a storage solution for your patio equipment this season. The Duramax 4×8 sidemate vinyl shed from Duramax Sheds makes a definitive choice that you won’t regret.

Interested to find out more about the duramax 4×8 sidemate shed, then visit our channel and learn how to choose the best back yard storage sheds for your needs.